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Master in Cellular and Molecular Bio Sciences


Cellular and molecular-based biosciences find widespread use; both in basic as well as in industrial applied research. They are becoming an integral part of the knowledge-based economy.

Biotechnology scientists in the 21st century must have a broad theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills to translate this knowledge into advances related to human/animal and environmental health, medicine and food security as well as other important sectors as plant production and protection.

The proposed Master program in Cellular and Molecular Biosciences provides a state of the art education and practical training in cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. computational biology, immunology, phytotherapies, cell and gene therapies, regulation of gene expression, signal transduction, as well as advanced techniques in cell culture, tissue engineering.  recombinant DNA technology cloning, stem cell research, and biofuels.

The suggested program aims to provide the graduated students with training and learning opportunities in the skills and specialised knowledge starting from molecules and cells to organisms and their environment.

The program will offer them fundamental skills enabling to enter a research career in modern cellular and molecular domains both at teaching as well as research and industry levels.



Cellular and Molecular Biosciences master program aims to train aspiring students from both sides of the green line as well as from neighbouring countries.

They will acquire a broad knowledge about current developments in molecular cell biology and biochemistry, learn to be effective scientific communicators, and will be trained to perform independent scientific research in the above-mentioned areas (e.g. genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, phytotherapies, biochemistry…).

This master program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, state-of-the-art technologies and innovation that allow students to engage in molecular and cellular-based basic and applied research in fields ranging from agriculture to medicine and from phytotherapies to environmental sciences.

Furthermore, graduates of the proposed program will have the chance to be enrolled in PhD- programs abroad and to find jobs as research scientists and higher education lecturers besides being qualified to be hired in different ministries.

Our facilities and collaborative culture contribute to a productive graduate experience. The faculty members will participate in the teaching responsibility of the intended MSc program besides continuing teaching at the undergraduate level.

They are involved in various research projects and in supervision of master and PhD students. These activities result in the publication of tens of scientific papers, review articles and scientific books in prestigious journals and book publishers during the last two decades.



In order to meet the needs of local and international market, the Arab American University will be offering this first special Master’s program in Palestine in “Cellular and Molecular Biosciences” that provides the graduated students with a unique specialized degree in biology.

This program would meet market demand and provide professionals with an opportunity to continue their education and fill leadership positions in life sciences.

One of the main objectives of the proposed program is to support the market with internal and external human resources with high qualifications in the field of cellular and molecular biosciences.

The outputs of the suggested program will comply with governmental and private sectors that need several areas of qualifications in applied biology for numerous job opportunities.


Careers of Graduates

The outputs of the suggested program will comply with governmental and private sectors that need several areas of qualifications in applied biology for numerous job opportunities, including:

  1. Specialists in medical centers laboratories.
  2. University instructors.
  3. Research assistants and technicians especially in the cellular and molecular related fields. 
  4. High school sciences teachers and teachers’ advisors.
  5. Forensic staff.
  6. Medical staff qualified in cell and molecular-based diagnosis
  7. PhD students in biology or related fields.