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Master in Computed Tomography and MRI Sciences


The field of medical imaging is evolving rapidly and the learning curve never ends, since diagnosis and treatment are increasingly supported by imaging procedures. Developments in CT and MRI scanning have opened up new clinical applications and have led to improvements in the diagnosis of disease. Therefore, CT and MRI are considered the main disciplines that play an integral part in the diagnosis of diseases with high quality and accuracy. The medical imaging department propose a master program Masters of Science in  CT and MRI Imaging fields, it would be able to provide the radiographer with excellent quality education level and practical skills necessary to improve the quality of medical services in hospitals and other health care centers.

According to the Palestinian Association of Medical Imaging, there are approximately 1500 radiographers working in different settings with majority holding bachelor degree and very few master degrees in other related field such as public health or radiation sciences. These records indicate clearly that Palestinian Medical imaging radiographers lack specialization to provide cutting edge services to their clients especially in the field proposed in this program.  Therefore, preparing specialized medical imaging technologist through this proposed program is expected to cover this gap in the medical sector.



  • Promote students’ understanding of CT and MRI and the role of these modalities in the medical imaging area. As well as provide the tools needed for critical thinking and analytical processes in the implementation of CT and MRI imaging
  • Improve student’s abilities to utilize current and emerging CT and MRI technology, and strengthen student’s ability to conduct research and evaluate CT and MRI imaging data to improve image quality.
  • Provide the labor market with professional medical imaging technologist that respond to the needs of the Palestinian and international market in the health field (CT and MRI).
  • Provide a leading role in developing good practices in computed tomography imaging and magnetic resonance imaging in all institutions of the Palestinian homeland.
  • Instill within students the awareness to propose and implement medical imaging management policies within the legal, ethical and regulatory guidelines of healthcare.



  1. Appraise the role of the CT and MRI in the medical imaging departments and their responsibility to patients. 
  2. Discuss the biological effects of the different computed tomography sectors, as well as the proper application of all the necessary steps to protect patient from ionizing radiation.
  3. Identify knowledge and understanding of the physical principles of all sectors of CT and MRI.
  4. Recognize the cross section human anatomy, and understanding human physiology, pathology and patho-physiology.
  5. Provide basic patient care and comfort with the use of professional ethics and guidelines.
  6. Assess and realize verbal and non-verbal communication skills in addition to mastering the principles of scientific research.
  7. Demonstarte ability to work in team and affectively adhere to general ethical values.
  8. Develop  lifelong learning and realization of continuing education opportunities.


Careers of Graduates

The field of diagnostic Medical Imaging, more particularly in computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, is growing rapidly and receiving considerable attention as part of the development and improvement of healthcare delivery globally. A master’s program in computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently the highest level of medical imaging training and education obtainable. Professionals with a Master’s in CT and MRI have several career paths to choose from including:

  • Chief Medical imaging Officer:  responsible for the effective and efficient flow of imaging information and construction of imaging systems to support a high quality of patient care across multiple imaging modalities systems.
  • Clinical trial manager – performs sophisticated imaging data analysis by utilizing various types of software to process and interpret imaging processing data
  • Academic – researches technological advancement in the field, teach and train future medical imaging (CT and MRI) professionals.