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Master in Midwifery


Midwives work within multi-disciplinary teams that require collaboration with other health professionals. Furthermore, midwives should be able to manage midwifery care in an autonomous and answerable manner. Worldwide, midwives share common goals of providing high quality care and promoting healthy outcomes for women and their families. High-quality midwifery education is vital for high-quality midwifery care that  will lead to  improvements in maternal and neonatal outcomes . This program will equip students to deliver   health care according to consumer need in promotive, preventive, curative manner which is also culturally accepted.

A Master’s degree in midwifery provides a theoretical background upon which the student midwife learns to analyze, synthesize and evaluate midwifery practice and research. Students will be enabled to make appropriate clinical judgments based on evidence research.



  1. Synthesize advanced knowledge in Midwifery practice to provide high quality of care provided to healthy and high-risk women.
  2. Equip students with advanced clinical skills and evidence-based practices necessary to improve quality care for complex women cases.
  3.  Provide students with tools needed for conducting scientific research, health promotion, disease prevention, and evidence-based practices in s women care.
  4.  Prepare students to use team work, quality care principles, and effective leadership for the advancement of patient centered care in Antenatal, Labor and Postnatal settings.
  5.  Prepare compassionate, legally, and ethically responsive Midwives who can provide high quality Midwifery care services.



  • Integrate advanced knowledge and skills, grounded in the human basic sciences and advanced sciences to aid in health assessment, diagnostics, and appropriate clinical interventions.
  • Formulate and execute effective care plans in the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods.
  • Demonstrate autonomous care to clients with normal, low-risk pregnancies, labors, postpartum periods, as well as normal newborn care.
  • Evaluate and manage Midwifery emergencies using clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills in the provision of holistic and high-quality midwifery care.
  •  Use ethical principles, advocacy roles, and cost-effective midwifery services across clinic and hospital care.
  • Exhibit leadership, communication skills, and collaborative team work in the delivery of midwifery services.
  • Translate research into practice through activities that reflect critical appraisal of existing evidence, development of evidence-based practice, and evaluation of outcomes.


Careers of Graduates

  1. Clinical Supervisor
  2. Director of obstetrics department at hospital.
  3. Clinical midwife in hospitals and community health care centers( MCH) 
  4. Academic – serve as a teaching as well as a clinical instructor in nursing colleges.
  5. Clinical researcher./ academician for undergraduate students
  6. Health care planning