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PhD in Nursing


  1. Integrate theoretical and philosophical underpinnings into quantitative and qualitative inquiry.
  2. Analyze and interpret research findings to advance nursing knowledge, health policy, and improve population health outcomes.
  3. Design, implement, and disseminate original research to contribute to nursing knowledge.
  4. Collaborate with health professionals and lead interdisciplinary teams in conducting research.
  5. Formulate a plan to assume a role in nursing scholarship, education, and/or leadership.


  • Demonstrate doctoral-level nursing knowledge by passing a comprehensive qualification exam.
  • Write and defend a research dissertation that generates new knowledge in nursing science.
  • Exemplify ethical conduct in nursing science and the health professions.
  • Exhibit proficiency with statistics, data management, and health analytics.
  • Develop a specialized coampetency in research, education, policy or informatics.
  • Implement critical thinking and decision making to management of health information.
  • Serve as a global leader of nursing science and healthcare organizations.

Careers of Graduates

Graduates from the doctoral program will be able to work as faculty members at any college of nursing inside, or outside, of Palestine that offer BSN, MSN, or PhD degree.

  1. Teaching responsibilities, doctoral prepared faculty is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating nursing curricula.
  2. Serve as a researcher or coordinator of research departments at health care facilities.
  3.  Serve as directors of nursing and health in both acute and long term health care settings.
  4.  Serve as a researcher or administrator in pharmaceutical or research institutions.