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PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmacy is becoming a key player in primary and preventive health care and is defined as the science of the composition, use and dispensing of drugs. The study and practice of Pharmacy has evolved and expanded considerably over the years due to the exponential growth of the health care and pharmaceutical industry.

The Arab American University offers a graduate Program leading to the Ph.D. in pharmaceutical Sciences with concentration in Medicinal Chemistry.

During this program, student will have the opportunity to be trained at an advanced level to design, synthesize, and analytically examine drug compounds.

The student study how chemical substances behave at a molecular level, and how the chemical properties affect drug kinetics, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and extraction. The student will participate in research directed toward a fuller understanding of Pharmacological actions, leading to improved drug design.

The concentration in medicinal chemistry will be focused on the discovery and development of biologically active agents with potential therapeutic application.    Moreover, the aim is also to engage in independent and collaborative research in academic, governmental and applied life science contexts. During this educative process, students will participate in knowledge generation and improvement, research synthesis, and knowledge/technology transfer.



  1. Attain marked ability, scholarship, and research skills in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  2. Engage in and conduct original research.
  3. Prepare to be professionals in the field of Pharmaceutical Science in general, and in the field of medicinal chemistry in particular.
  4. Develop student’s ability to effectively communicate scientific information both orally and in writing.
  5. Provide students with Advance knowledge and experimental techniques in research of medicinal chemistry.



Upon graduation, Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate students will be competent to: -

  • Developing the research skills in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Identify problems in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Communicate research findings to improve the knowledge base in pharmaceutical Sciences, and given, oral presentations in scientific and public forums and Written scientific manuscripts for peer- reviewed Journals.
  • Enter the profession of Pharmaceutical Sciences, having developed:
  • A network of professional peers and role models.
  • An understanding of the requirements of academic, industrial or other workplaces.
  • A sense of the culture of Pharmaceutical Science.
  • A deep appreciation for the ethical conduct of research.
  • Teach and mentor future Pharmaceutical Scientists, having experienced learning environment.
  • Design experiments in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication skills and critical thinking.


Careers of Graduates

The program is designed to prepare students to make careers in: -

  1. Industry (chemical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory Medicine, and Biotechnology).
  2. Government recognized Labs.
  3. R & D, Chemical Biology divisions of Government.
  4. Research Institutions.
  5. Educational Institutions.