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PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences


Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on human function, disability and participation and its relationship to health and well-being. It incorporates basic and applied research from health sciences, social sciences, psychology, engineering, and draws on a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, medicine, rehabilitation, bioengineering, biomechanics, sociology, behavioral sciences and health economy. It mainly aims at enhancing physical and psychosocial functioning, participation in life, quality of life of people with disabilities, informing relevant social and health care policy. 

Rehabilitation is an ever changing and evolving field that adapts to the constant changing needs of health and social care around the world. There is an increasing need for rehabilitation services worldwide due to changing health and demographic trends (WHO, 2019). In Palestine, there is an additional demand on the health system due to the ongoing political conflict resulting in an increase in the population living with chronic conditions and disability. This calls for preparing researchers, educators, and leaders in the area of rehabilitation science to contribute to the development of rehabilitation practice, research, and policy. 

Developing the PhD in Rehabilitation Science program in Palestine will create an ideal training environment for tomorrow’s junior researchers and faculty members in the rehabilitation sciences, and thus, produce Palestinian focused research studies addressing local needs and enriching the local culture of research and evidence-based practice. 

The PhD in Rehabilitation Science program at the Arab American University Palestine is being developed in collaboration with Jacksonville University – School of Applied Health Sciences in the United States. This collaboration allows faculty members from both universities to co-teach all program’s courses and also supervise students’ dissertations. The PhD candidates will further receive a rigorous education to meet the U.S. academic standards of doctoral education, and will be applicable to local cultural context.



  • Enhance the link between theoretical advances and practice through the development of the conceptual knowledge base of rehabilitation.
  • Integrate theoretical and philosophical underpinnings into quantitative and qualitative inquiry.
  • Analyze and interpret research findings to advance rehabilitation knowledge, health policy, and improve population health outcomes.
  • Design, implement, and disseminate significant and original research to contribute to the body of evidence-based rehabilitation practice.
  • Promote independent and collaborative research with health professionals and lead interdisciplinary teams in conducting research.
  • Prepare rehabilitation scholars and scientists for leadership roles in academia, public health, education and industry.



  1. Write and defend a research dissertation that generates new knowledge in Rehabilitation Science.
  2. Demonstrate ethical conduct in Rehabilitation Science and the health professions.
  3. Exhibit proficiency with statistics, data management, and health analytics.
  4. Develop a specialized competency in research, education, policy or informatics.
  5. Implement critical thinking and decision making skills as a global leader of Rehabilitation Science and healthcare organizations.
  6. Initiate, develop and complete novel, innovative and effective rehabilitation evidence- based treatments and programs.
  7. Generate and extend knowledge that is innovative and rigorously tested within a focused area of rehabilitation science.
  8. Demonstrate critical and culturally sensitive evaluation and understanding of conceptual systems, theories, and approaches underlying practice in rehabilitation.


Careers of Graduates

Graduates from the doctoral program will be able to work as faculty members at any college of Rehabilitation Sciences inside, or outside, of Palestine that offer BS, MS, or PhD degree in (Occupational therapy, Physio-therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Speech and Hearing Disorder and Therapy).

  • Teaching responsibilities, doctoral prepared faculty is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating rehabilitation sciences curricula.
  • Serve as a researcher or coordinator of research departments at rehabilitation sciences facilities.
  •  Serve as directors and leaders in the field of rehabilitation science, who will service delivery systems (hospitals, public schools, etc.), government agencies, and the private sector.
  •  Serve as a researcher or administrator in clinical research that will improve the quality and effectiveness of rehabilitation services.