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Master in Administrative Law and Constitutional System


As part of its contribution in enhancing the scientific research in the administrative and constitutional laws field, and due to the urgent need to the principle of legality and the values of constitutional legitimacy in the Palestinian society and aiming to consolidating the university’s role in providing the society with legal cadres specialized in constitutional and administrative law sciences and especially due to the need to enhance proper constitutional implementation and respect the administrative bylaws, Arab American University provided the Master in Administrative Law and Constitutional System to provide an opportunity to study the contemporary theories in this field on a high and deep level. The in depth analysis of the theories will be through the follow up of the latest comparative theories in this field and then using it in implementing the administrative and constitutional system in Palestine while benefiting from the comparative judicial experiences to develop the Palestinian constitutional and enhance the respect to the administrative law in Palestine.



The goals and objectives of this program are:

  1. Provide in-depth scientific knowledge in the administrative and constitutional laws in a comparative way by studying the administrative and constitutional laws and implementing them in Palestine through the constitutional and administrative judiciary.
  2. Prepare qualified and specialized experts in the administrative and constitutional laws on the academic level, either in legal work or in the constitutional and administrative judiciary.
  3. Provide a renewed research infrastructure that is capable of developing the administrative and constitutional legislative system.
  4. Provide the legal institutions that work in the legal field with qualified graduates with high levels of theoretical and comparative implementation knowledge.



  1. This program provides constitutional and administrative approaches through pairing the administrative and constitutional law theories in a comparative context and then transferring the theories into practical implementation to develop the critical and creative analysis of the constitutional system and the legislation of the administrative law.
  2. This program provides a deep understanding of the comparative constitutional and administrative systems, between its interaction and philosophy and the reality of constitutional practice from the perspective of the constitutional values and the principle of legality in implementing and legalizing in the Palestinian case.
  3. Students will gain research and analysis skills in the constitutional and administrative judiciary.
  4. Students will be able to understand the principle of hierarchy of laws and its relation to the supremacy of the constitution and the constitutional system, and its implementation to the work of the various constitutional institutions and public utilities in Palestine.


Careers of Graduates

The Master in Administrative Law and Constitutional System is the best program for students who are considering new job opportunities or to develop their current job positions in the constitutional and administrative laws and work as specialized lawyers in constitutional and administrative courts. Also this program is a good opportunity for the academic experience for legal people who are trying to find opportunities in the human rights institutions and civil organizations specialized in public law and human rights. Moreover, this program contributes in enhancing the ability of the workers in the public sector through providing them with a chance to develop their capabilities by getting an academic experience that will contribute to improve their role in their institutions when they use the academic knowledge in the administrative field. And finally, this program enhances the opportunity to develop academic experience that enables people to join the constitutional institutions that requires good knowledge in the good governance and the public institutions constitutional fields.