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Master in Criminal Science


A contribution from the Arab American University in spreading and promoting scientific research in the field of criminal sciences and the need for a developed related legal system, and consolidating the university’s role in providing the society with legal cadres specialized in criminal science and justice for the benefit of the individual and society alike, the university created this program to provide an ideal opportunity to study the updated debates in both criminal law and criminal justice at an advanced level, by keeping up with the scientific and technological development accompanying the legislative development of these fields.


  1. Providing advanced criminal legislative knowledge on a specialized and accurate scale, by studying law and criminal justice theories and procedures for accessing it.
  2. Preparing legal and professional cadres specialized in the field of criminal sciences who are capable of facing modern challenges that face the progress of criminal science and its policies.



  1. This program will provide a comprehensive analysis of criminal science through the analysis of various criminal legislation, their philosophical foundations and their application in practice.
  2. A deep understanding of recent discussions in criminal law theory and doctrines, and the ability to analyze current practice and related new developments.
  3. Providing students with the necessary research and analysis skills for the purposes of academic research and professional work in the field of criminal sciences.


Careers of Graduates

This program is an ideal program for those students who are looking for new job opportunities or developing their current work in the field of criminal law and criminal justice, both professionally and academically. So prepare yourself for a leadership career as a specialized lawyer, or work in the security and police field or in various government departments related to criminal sciences, in addition to work as a criminal sciences advisor in both public and private sectors and relevant civil organizations.