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PhD in Private Law


The Department of Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University is distinguished by offering two Master’s programs in private law (Master’s in Commercial Law and Master’s in Civil Law) as specialized programs. In continuation of the mission of the department and faculty to fulfill the hopes of many Master’s holders in private law who wish to complete their graduate studies in their country “Palestine” without having to bother traveling abroad, this program gives these graduates the opportunity to join this program to enhance legal knowledge and research skills in the field of private law. In addition, students can obtain a Ph.D. degree in private law in one of its tracks (civil law track / commercial law track). As such they become distinguished researchers in an important, precise legal specialty, and in the future they will be able to address legal challenges with the research skills they have acquired.

This program will have a leading role in economic and social development in Palestine, by employing legal research skills in the field of private law and contributing to the promotion of specialized and accurate practical legal research in the fields of private law, in line with the strategic plan of the National Commission for Accreditation and Quality in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the strategic plan of the Arab American University, and the vision of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This is to be done by preparing Ph.D. graduates in private law who have advanced research legal skills and in-depth and specialized legal knowledge in the field of private law to be employed in the legal issues and challenges that the country, individuals, and private sector institutions need, such as banks and companies among others.



  1. Consolidating students’ legal knowledge in various branches of private law.
  2. Preparing academic and legal specialists with a high level of competence in the field of private law to meet the requirements and needs of the society, in addition to qualify students to succeed in a changing and competitive environment at the national and global levels.
  3. Strengthening students’ ability and enabling them to conduct specialized legal research and studies in its various curricula, which constitute an innovative scientific and applied addition to the field of private law, thus contributing to a serious and innovative addition to the Palestinian and international legal library in precise and emerging areas of private law.
  4. Promoting and instilling the spirit of innovation and in-depth research novelty in the field of private law among students in a way that contributes to developing the existing legal system in line with realistic developments and the aspiration to internationality.



This program seeks to enable students to undertake many tasks and acquire the following skills upon completion of their studies:

  • Analyzing legal texts and practical issues in private law (civil / commercial) in a scientific manner and methodology to determine their effectiveness in confronting societal issues.
  • Evaluating legislative, jurisprudential and judicial trends in private law (civil / commercial).
  • Making comparisons and approaches between legal texts, jurisprudential opinions, and national judicial trends with their counterparts in comparative legal systems in private law (civil / commercial), in a way that contributes to the internationalization of legal knowledge, and benefiting from comparative legislative experiences to employ them in the Palestinian legal and judicial system.
  • The ability to possess in-depth legal research instruments to conduct original research and provide innovative solutions to intellectual or practical issues in the areas of private law (civil / commercial).
  • Develop innovative solutions to contemporary issues raised by private law (civil / commercial)
  • Deriving professional and legal values and standards in dealing with precise, diverse and complex legal issues and problems, and analyzing judicial rulings and commenting on them in a way that contributes to the correct and fair application of private law (civil / commercial).


Careers of Graduates

Graduates will be able eligible to work in the following sectors upon completion of the graduation requirements in the Ph.D. program in private law.

  1. Faculty member at various universities.
  2. Working in national specialized scientific research centers.
  3. Work in the field of legislative drafting of laws.
  4. Work in the judiciary and public prosecution, especially in the civil and commercial judiciary, economic judicial chambers, as well as specialized prosecution offices.
  5. Working in the field of arbitration and other alternative means of conflict resolution.
  6. Legal consultant specializing in international trade contracts.
  7. Legal consultant specializing in electronic contracts (electronic transactions and artificial intelligence)
  8. Legal consultant specialized in industrial and commercial property rights law (trademarks, patents etc.).
  9. Legal consultant specialized in ministries and government institutions.
  10. Legal consultant specializing in insurance companies.
  11. Legal consultant specializing in banks.