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PhD in Public Law / Public International Law Track


in view of the escalating role played by state in providing public services, and in view of the big intertwining of the relationship between individuals and the state in all aspects of life; Whether it is constitutional, economic, financial, penal and administrative, with the international dimensions that these fields bear, the need arose to build legal human capacities that possess specialized research skills that qualify them to break this existing tangle, in order to contribute to the formulation of public policies, to achieve the public and private interest.



  • Standing on the deep legal knowledge necessary to understand the legal relationship between the state and individuals and solve its problems in all fields
  • Standing on the government's legislative policies in all areas of public law.
  • Preparing specialized and qualified legal academics and professionals in all branches of public law.



  1. This program will provide a comprehensive analysis of the branches of public law through the analysis of various governmental legislative policies and their philosophical and administrative foundations and their application in practice.
  2. This program will provide a deep understanding of the role of the modern state and its contemporary institutions, in legal life, whether constitutional, administrative and economic, and what is related to them with international legal rules, and the ability to analyze current practice and related new developments
  3. Providing students with the necessary research and analysis skills for the purposes of academic research and professional work in the field of state legal sciences.


Careers of Graduates

  • This program is suitable for those students who are considering new job opportunities in the public sector, the private sector and international organizations. Or develop their current work on the professional and academic levels.
  • You will be able to work or assume a leadership career as a lawyer specializing in individual disputes with governmental and semi-governmental institutions, or other government departments, in addition to working as a consultant in both the public and private sectors and related NGOs.