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Master in Contemporary Public Relations


The Master's program in Contemporary Public Relations provides students with the skills and knowledge to become successful professionals in this distinguished field. Public relations have become an integral part of the existence of any organization that aims to survive in a complex and competitive environment. The program is designed and enables students to lead and manage communications in this environment effectively and professionally, as it is intense to transfer the expertise of academics in this field, and keep pace with internationally recommended best practices, within the given Palestinian context.

The program provides students with the opportunity to gain deep understanding of the principles of public relations and how they can be applied in different contexts. It constitutes an opportunity to develop the students’ research and academic skills by preparing research papers, writing a master’s thesis, and delving into one of the research topics in the field of contemporary public relations. Students will also learn how to prepare strategies, communication plans, creating effective campaigns for different audiences, how to manage media relations and digital marketing strategies, as well as how to develop leadership skills to manage crisis communication situations. In addition, students will gain an updated understanding of modern public relations practices and theories including social media management, analytics, reputation management and data-driven decision making.

The program helps graduates become competent professionals who can lead their organizations' communication efforts at a strategic level, and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop innovative solutions that respond to challenges and problems of a changing nature. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to gather information relevant to their organizations from local and global markets, identify current trends in public relations and consumer behavior, and employ this knowledge within effective public relations campaigns.



The program works to improve the efficiency of bachelor degree holders in various disciplines, especially in practice and research field, so that they can engage deeply in public relations or related aspects, and enhance their research and scientific reputability.
Thus, the program achieves the following:

  1. Contributes to enrich academic and scientific research, improve university education, conduct more specialized researches in public relations through deepening thought and ability to do scientific research.
  2. Meet the desires of a large number of bachelor graduates in various disciplines, to continue their studies and develop their academic and practical abilities.
  3. Enhance students ability to master the skills of communication, work in public relations, and conduct specialized PR scientific research.
  4. Activate scientific researches mainly in public relations, media and communication-related field, dealing with crises, and improving the mental image in general through student researches and while they study the courses and write their scientific thesis.
  5. In the medium and long-term, the program will help reduce dependence on external scientific expertise as much as possible, especially in its field of specialization, and will help in other matters related to media, communication sciences, etc.


Target Group

  • People who wish to change their careers and switch to public relations.
  • PR Officers.
  • PR departments managers.
  • Those who specialize in dealing with other institutions representatives.
  • Employees in Public Relations departments.
  • Marketing agents and advertising agents.


Careers of Graduates

The program importance lies in the fact that the public relations specialization is recent and Palestinian institutions needs PR employees since the labor market suffers, somewhat, from the surplus in media specialists (journalism, radio, television, etc.). Also, there is a shortage of specialists in the West Bank.
Therefore, the program comes to fulfill the local market needs, making a new addition, as all institutions need this specialization to achieve the satisfaction of their organization and strengthen its relationship with the community.
Moreover, the “Contemporary Public Relations” MA program graduates can work in several institutions and areas, most notably:

  1. Work in institutions with a mass-communication activity such as ministries, media institutions, public relations companies, governmental and non-governmental associations, political parties, unions, and security services.
  2. Work for public relations departments in the private sector organizations: hotels, Telecommunication Company, Jawwal Company, banks, investing organizations, etc.
  3. Work as a marketing and advertising agent, especially for investment, financial and profitable institutions, small and large businesses, and promote factory products .
  4. Work in tourism and travel offices and agencies.
  5. Work as manager or employee in the Public Relations Departments in the political and moral guidance units and international and local organizations
  6. Contemporary Public Relations Master creates the opportunity for media and public relations departments in ministries, commissions, and big corporates to enhance their potentials, methods, and understanding in handling crises in a more profound and professional manner.
  7. Provides the opportunity for those wishing to fill leadership positions in public relations or for those who work in PR and wish to develop their professional level. The program’s strategic objective is to support those who want to join the professional world by practicing public relations.
  8. Also it offers the graduates the chance to compete for a prominent position in public relations.
  9. Provides the graduates the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Public Relations.