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Master in Applied Mathematics


The Master’s in Applied Mathematics at the Arab American University is designed for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, or other closely related subjects. The program prepares students to use their knowledge in Mathematics to find solutions to market emerging problems and challenges in the fields of physics, finance, and many branches in science and engineering. The program helps students to pursue a career in education, academic research, technology services and industry. It also provides the students with a solid mathematical foundation for doctoral studies in mathematics or related fields. The program curriculum offers two tracks: Thesis track and Comprehensive exam track. In both tracks, students take classes in Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Functional and Real Analysis, Operations research, and Statistical Methods. Those courses provide the students with sufficient knowledge to develop new mathematical methods and techniques.



The Department of Mathematics offers a master degree in Applied Mathematics. This field has great applications in many areas such as technology, engineering, and other scientific fields. This program aims at enabling the holders of a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and some other related disciplines to pursue their graduate studies. This also supplies the Palestinian labor market with qualified specialists in Applied Mathematics. The department has state-of-the-art labs where mathematical and statistical software is available, in addition to several programming languages. One of our labs is totally reserved for graduate students.


Careers of graduates

Master of Applied Mathematics graduates will have the opportunity of working in several areas. Among these areas are teaching, research, and industry (factories, companies, etc.).