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Master in Computer Science


In light of the massive digital transformation, rapid technological bangs, and the need for competitive skills in computer science locally and globally, the Master’s program in computer science offers a unique opportunity that qualifies the student to be among the leaders in this field. The Master's Program in Computer Science aims to provide the student with the latest technical and research skills in computer science and its various fields, such as:

  1. Artificial intelligence, machine science and its wide applications in various medical, educational, marketing, business, and other fields.
  2. Cybersecurity and networks.
  3. Human-computer interaction.
  4. Image processing and computer vision.
  5. Software engineering and programming languages.
  6. Operating systems, computer architecture and algorithms.

The program mergers theoretical and practical skills, in addition to research skills carefully, so that graduates can compete strongly in the labor market in local and international institutions, companies, universities, and research institutions. The program also focuses on entrepreneurial and creative skills that enable the student to map his pioneering future in the fields of computers and technology, which today determine the future of nations and societies.

The program is supervised by a group of professors with teaching and research experience and competencies in the field of computer science and within its broad specializations. Moreover, the program is distinguished by the presence of the latest laboratories, facilities, devices, and advanced equipment that enable students to complete their work and research efficiently and with high quality. Our mission lies in the leadership and excellence of our graduates in academic, industrial, commercial, health, educational, and other vital sectors in the local and global market.



  1. Providing students with the knowledge and theoretical and practical research skills necessary to conduct advanced studies and research in computer science, including the ability to formulate research questions, conduct experiments, analyze, present and interpret results.
  2. Providing students with an in-depth understanding of computer science concepts and its specialized fields, such as computer networks, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, among others.
  3. Providing students with advanced skills in the field of critical thinking and proposing innovative solutions to problems related to computerized systems.
  4. Enabling students to practice entrepreneurial and creative skills that help them succeed and excel in their specializations in the fields of computer and technology.



The department of computer science offers two different Master degrees, a Professional Master (M2P), and a Master in Research (M2R). Information systems are the main product that is developed in Palestinian IT sector. Existing masters only provide a general program without any high level of specialty. This department’s Master degree in computer science and information systems is a domain that will add value to the Palestinian market by offering unique courses that follow new methods in teaching and training graduate students. There is a big demand for this specialty from the industrial firms and from the public sector.


Careers of Graduates

  • Have new opportunities to join higher executive or academic positions
  • Project manager in research and development companies
  • Join the research and applied science centers
  • Join a PhD program