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Master in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis

As part of AAUP’s social and national responsibility the master program in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis has been established to be the first of its kind in Palestine, aligning with the regional and Palestinian market needs. The program aims to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills of cyber security for its increasing influence in all aspects of modern society, as for the constantly internet hacking and Cybercriminals stealing information, blackmailing, and security hacking. In addition to the increasing need of IT specialists who are modernly skilled with the capabilities of analyzing digital evidence and preventing cybercrimes.

Companies and institutions such as NGO’s, Security, Official Governmental, and educational institutions all benefit from this program, Along with local and international companies. This program is specialized to support the cybercrimes security experts to allocate the researches they need to develop their skills.


The master program in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis aims to increase the preventive capabilities in fighting Cybercrimes and enhance the initiatives of raising awareness and harmonize cyber institutions and organizations, by the following:

  1. Enhance students with the knowledge and skills needed to participate as an effective team member or Team leader in Digital Evidence investigations.
  2. Build capabilities for graduates to obtain future professional careers in digital forensic examinations, develop forensic tools, verification of the authenticity of evidence, Manage security and forensic.
  3. Obtain the required knowledge and skills to follow up on advanced researches and studies in computer science, especially in specializations related to computer crimes.
  4. Provide Graduates with telecom skills, oral and writing, to be able to solve problems in addition to effectively communicate as an expert forensic examiner and expert witness.
  5. Establish a legal and regulatory framework to enable safe and vital cyberspace in the Palestinian territories.


Careers of graduates:

  • Governmental institutions and Ministries such as: Ministry of Interior & Ministry of Telecom & IT
  • NGO’s related to the Field
  • Lecturing at Local and International Universities & Research Assistants 
  • Continue their Ph.D. Certificates in related fields
  • Cloud Security Expert.
  • Consultant in Cybersecurity and technology.
  • Engineer in Cloud Software.
  • Manager / analyst / engineer / specialist / Trainer in cyber security
  • Consultant in Cyber Security Risk Management
  • Assistant Manager for Data Protection and Privacy
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Industrial Security Systems Engineer (ICS)
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Professional Information Security
  • Operational Manager for MSSP 
  • Security & Network Engineer
  • Security specialist and controls
  • Analyst of Security Operations Center
  • Manager of Security Operations Center
  • Manager of Security Technical Operations