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Master in Public Policy and Data Science


Big data is revolutionizing the way many agencies operate, particularly with respect to governance transparency and accountability, law enforcement, transportation, and housing policy. Big data is changing strategies for crime fighting, defense, national intelligence, social programs, and finance and operations of agencies. The Master of Science in Public Policy Data Science program is a multi-disciplinary program will provide a curriculum that will make degree recipients appealing to the employers of the 21st century.

Several leading technology companies, including IBM and Google, have created specialized divisions and products aimed at leveraging these tools in the public policy realm. Understanding and knowing how to effectively utilize big data is crucial for work in nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits as well.

Therefore, the program of Public Policy Data Science is designed to bring together passionate students from both technical and social science backgrounds to deepen their analytical skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the policy world. 



  • This program aims to increase transparency and accountability
  • To improve the efficiency and quality of services
  • To enhance security and address matters of defense and intelligence
  • To Oversee emergency management
  • To Influence policy and the policy-making process broadly.



  1. Evaluate the many uses of data science in public policy and administration and examine the growth of big data in public policy.
  2. Develop an understanding of the process of formulating environmental, healthcare, education and economic public policy and the ability to analyze the impact of existing policies.
  3. Assess a public organization’s data needs and formulate data management strategies that enhance the effectiveness of an organization.
  4. Construct statistical models that organize and manage large sets of public data for analysis.
  5. Conduct research on complex public policy questions, interpret and analyze data using statistical software and communicate results effectively.
  6. Utilize data mining and analysis to make decisions that improve public programs and policies.
  7. Employ technological knowledge of data science to develop viable solutions to current and emerging public policy challenges. 


Careers of Graduates

Positions Can be Held by Public Policy Data Science Master Program Graduates

  • Policy Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Urban and Regional Planner/City Planner
  • Management Consultant/Analyst
  • Project/Program Manager
  • Development Director/Coordinator
  • Operations Management & Research