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Master in Technology and Innovation Management


Innovation and technology are key drivers of competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy. Digital technology and internet of things have launched a new industrial revolution- the digitalization of processes along the value chains of the manufacturing and service industry.

The aim of the program is to educate specialists who are able to implement ICT solutions to management processes of enterprises and thus help companies to grow through more added value created.

The study program qualifies professional experts who analyse current innovation trends and future business opportunities. Building on their qualifications, they suggest decisions on innovation for the management. Graduates of this study program provide support for the systematic implementation of innovation processes by considering managerial and technical aspects. They link solutions for automation and digitalization with the underlying business processes.

The study program combines engineering, IT and business competences in a methodically sound manner. Core aspect is an applied science approach to recent and organizational patterns. Students will be empowered to plan, implement, and advocate  their projects and solutions, as well as to take management responsibilities.

On the other hand, this program is aimed at working professionals who do not have a degree in management but who would like to pursue the prospects of a career as a manager. We offer you a career transition from a specialist to a manager or wide horizontal expansion of your career in the field of innovations and optionally in industrial technology or information technology.

In general, the program offers student to develop advanced product development and data analytics skills targeting organizational management and strategy needs.



  • Provide perspective, concepts, and tools to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities presented by global technological change.
  • Provide graduates from different functional areas and perspectives with an understanding of the nature and process of technological innovation.
  • Develop a common business language so managers and technologists can work together on technological processes with their organization.
  • Understand international and cross-cultural management   perspectives and processes vis-à-vis technology development and innovation.
  • Understand and integrate the commercialization of technology and management of business operations.
  • Utilize the linkages between technologies and organizational strategies to create value for the customer and competitive advantage for the organization.
  • Develop an understanding of the innovative and competitive value that can be achieved through better supply chain management, outsourcing and business partnerships.
  • Develop the knowledge and skill set required to manage development projects.



Upon completion the curriculum successfully, a student:

  1. has a systemic overview of innovation theories and innovation policy.
  2. has deep knowledge in some field of research and/or application of innovation or technology management.
  3. is independently able to identify and formulate research questions in the field of innovation and technology management as well as find suitable methods to answer those.
  4. is able to collect, analyse and interpret data of company from strategic and operational level using suitable methods and evaluation criteria to measure productivity of the company.
  5. is able to use different methods to analyse company business processes to propose improvements and to measure implementation efficiency.
  6. is able to do business with digital products and manage those.
  7. is familiar with developments in technology and has a positive attitude towards life-long learning.
  8. is collaborative and can communicate with different stakeholders, is able to lead meetings and workshops.


Careers of Graduates

After graduation, students have an opportunity to work as innovation or process managers in any company that is already implementing or planning to implement ICT solutions in their processes. Students also have the ability to start-up their own company, especially as a consultation business in implementing ICT solutions, or work in the public sector in the field of innovation policy or digitalization. Students can also continue their studies of PhD level.

The master in Innovation and Technology Management is designed for working professionals with a technical background who seek to develop their business, finance, and leadership skills.