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Ph.D. in Physics


PhD in Physics program will focus on some of the theoretical and practical research fields that are compatible for the national needs to nationalize physics knowledge and scientific researches, especially with the qualified faculty members of AAUP and the different available laboratory technology in AAUP. This program targets graduates of the Master in Physics and any related graduate studies field like chemistry, mathematics and computer, knowing that AAUP offers the BA in physics since 2005, and Master in Physics since 2015 in addition to many other related BA and MSc specializations in Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology and Medical field programs that are the most needed programs in the local community.

The practical and modern research aspects in this program make it the distinguish program it is, as it provides for its graduates many chances of postdoctoral studies and job opportunities either in the academic field or in national institutions. Moreover, the program will enrich the scientific research and will benefit other researchers and students in the Palestinian community.

It is well-known that AAUP has all the capabilities to start this program, from the human resources (of researchers and faculty members), to the materialistic facilities of (labs and other preparations). As previously mentioned, this program will be taught under collaboration with many international researchers and research centers in some of the friendly universities.

PhD graduates will be able to work in the different academic institutions as researchers or as faculty members and they can also work in the practical scientific research or any other fields.



  • Preparing researchers to advance scientific research in fields related to various physics specializations, by establishing research groups capable of providing effective solutions in multiple aspects of physics.
  • Enabling the doctoral researcher to conduct scientific research alone as possible.
  • Preparing a national program to serve the people of the country who are unable to travel to pursue their studies due to political, economic and social conditions.
  • Preparing specialized scientists and qualified research staffs to meet the needs of society and transfer knowledge and experience in the advanced fields of physics sciences in the industrial and academic sectors.
  • Enhancing the concept of scientific research and the quality of the outputs by contributing to enriching knowledge in all its branches through specialized studies and serious research to reach innovative scientific and applied additions as well as reveal new facts.
  • Finding cooperation with specialized companies inside and outside the country in order to address problems in applied physics that have accumulated over years to find solutions to those problems.
  • Providing the opportunity for distinguished students who hold a master’s degree to pursue their higher studies inside the country.



  1. Capability in making researches, discovering, concluding, retrieving, editing, explaining, analyzing, evaluating, managing and knowledge concluding from some resources.
  2. Critical thinking skills about problems and finding new creative solutions.
  3. Planning, managing and submitting projects, and justify the systematic processes to evaluate and reduce risks and their effects on the environment.
  4. Implementing professional standards and integrity in researches, and merge in the professional practices especially the legal, moral, health and safety aspects, and show eagerness in the job activities.
  5. Supporting, collaborating and leading other colleagues by using educational facilities and communication and network effect on the practices and policies of the different environments.
  6. Evaluating the need to join researches that have effects and the ability to deliver them to various audiences.
  7. Building relations with colleagues, students and stockholders, and maintaining diversity equality and cultural causes.

The proposed program was designed according to this vision. Its outcomes will be revised regularly to make sure that the mission and objectives of the program are being achieved.


Careers of graduates:

Graduates of this program will have the opportunity and ability to work in many fields including:

  • In the education field (schools, universities, institutions and colleges)
  • Physics specialist.
  • Scientific labs and scientific research centers.
  • Ministries (i.e. the Ministry of Industry).
  • Industrial and technology sectors.
  • Medical fields.
  • Weather Service.
  • Firms that work in the environmental fields.
  • Desalination and water purification field, as some water companies might need physicists to do tests and measurements on water to make sure that it does not contain any materials that might affect people health.