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Master in Conflict Resolution


Conflict resolution is an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary academic program offered by the Arab American University of Palestine.  It combines theories, approaches and practical skills from more than academic field including political sciences, political sociology, international law along with developmental studies in broader ways.  It promotes rational understanding of different international conflicts and analyzing them by mapping peace building initiatives and putting real suggestions for reconciliation processes and the best practices and lessons learned. Literature also covers wide range of issues such as post-colonial peace paradigms, transitional justice, human rights, identity and memory studies.   



Conflict Resolution, as a multidisciplinary program, concentrates on the different aspects of conflict resolutions of its different levels. This has its societal impact in different directions especially on the developmental aspects.  The design of the program and its courses are based on three branches of knowledge namely politics, development and law.

In this context, we can talk of three main purposes of the program:

  • First:  To enrich the Palestinian society with groups of graduates holding master degrees in conflict resolution, especially as this relatively new field of cognitive fields, which carries a high societal value is in peaceful solutions of conflicts, whether of  internal, community or an international nature.
  • Second: Based on the participation of some professors from foreign universities in teaching in the program, the program also aims at bringing foreign expertise in the field of conflict resolution to take advantage of their experience in this area.
  • Third: improving the graduate programs at the Arab American university programs. In this context, the program comes in line with the vision of Graduate Studies and the university in launching a distinct academic programs of high societal value.


Careers of Graduates

In addition to the direct impact of the program in enriching the students by creative means in resolving conflicts at whatever level which they are exposed in the framework of their current jobs and/or of their personal life, the program is considered a key to the work of civil society organizations and international organizations, whether governmental or non-governmental, taking into account that the language of instruction in The program (English language).