fbpx Master in International Relations Program | ARAB AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Master in International Relations


  1. Enable the student to understand international institutions and the forces that drive behavior in international relations.
  2. Develop the student’s awareness of contemporary theories of international relation.
  3. Strengthen the student’s the ability to use political science and economic concepts to evaluate international affairs.
  4. Provide the students with the ability to assess opportunities and formulate strategies to improve international relations.
  5. Develop the student’s ability to evaluate and synthesize information in international relations and use evidence to critically analyze ideas and policies.
  6. Enable the student to analyze complex problems in international relations and propose solutions that demonstrate an understanding of differences in politics, economics and cultures.



  • Demonstrate knowledge of the actors, institutions and processes of international relations.
  • Apply concepts, theories and methodologies in economics and political science to current international relations challenges.
  • Employ critical thinking skills to construct and evaluate analytical arguments in international relations.
  • Develop foreign policy and international security practices that promote development and change in international relations.  
  • Analyze current challenges in international relations using quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Assess the evolving international relations challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing global environment and make effective decisions.
  • Exhibit the leadership and diplomacy skills to negotiate an international relations conflict that meets legal and ethical standards.