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Master in Translation


The Master in Translation comes among the developmental policy of AAUP that studies the increasing needs of the Palestinian community and its developmental plans, especially the need to build lingual bridges between the Palestinian people and the other communities with different languages and cultures. Under the rapid globalization that is happening, this Master program in Translation in the Social Studies Department tries to fulfill the needs to prepare and graduate a new generation of Palestinian translators who are qualified to fulfill the needs of the Palestinian market, and the regional and international markets. The Master in Translation will enable students to get the opportunity to work in private companies, international organizations, ministries and will provide students with the knowledge needed to complete their higher education as this specialization has an increased request in the academic Palestinian, Arab and international institutions and organizations. Moreover, this program will contribute in raising the professional and academic qualifications for BA degree holders in Languages and in other specialties to improve their work opportunities and qualify them to compete globally and work in local and global organizations.

This program aims to prepare a generation capable to deal with the contemporary challenges in the theoretical and practical aspects through providing a degree in Master in Translation that will:

  • Enhance the strategic aspects of AAUP.
  • Enrich the educational experience and improve the quality of education through the academic programs that focus on students according to the university’s mission.
  • Enhance and enrich the sciences and humanitarian researches.
  • Improve the communication between the human communities.
  • Make AAUP a center and a reference to experiences related to translation.



  1. Reduce the gap in the needs of the Palestinian community in the applied translation in the governmental, community and academic organization, and academically and professionally prepare and qualify graduates of this program to perform written and interpreting translation.
  2. Prepare human cadres specialized in contributing to transfer science and knowledge and provide the scientific and practical consulting in this field. Also to provide researchers with the understanding to the challenges that faces professional translators and the strategies to face and overcome such challenges.
  3. Provide students with the needed research skills that they need to continue their higher education and encourage them to conduct scientific researches in written and interpreting translation.
  4. Qualify students and provide them with the basic knowledge in the different fields of applied linguistics.
  5. Provide the English language teachers in this program with the skills and knowledge to improve their performances.
  6. Qualify the faculty members in the higher education organizations in Gaza and Palestine in general.



  • Develop the knowledge, professional and technical skills, especially skills related to the linguistic and cultural pluralism for both written and interpretation translation.
  • Serving the community through providing it with the professional and highly qualified translators.
  • Provide the opportunity to professional translators to transfer their knowledge academically.
  • Introduce students to the theoretical aspects in linguistics and translation, and enhance the scientific research in translation. Also to quality students in translation and enable them to complete their higher education to get the PhD degree.
  • Benefit from the great development in translation studies and technology, and investing in this will enable students to perform translations on a higher level between different languages.
  • Provide researchers and students with high capabilities through training in analyzing and evaluating published and orally texts and in carrying out translations of written texts, conferences and audio-visual materials.


Careers of Graduates

  • Publishing houses.
  • Translation offices.
  • Education and in the academic sector.
  • Special research centers in the international affairs.
  • Higher administrative and managerial levels in the local government.
  • Consultant and policy analysts.
  • Banks and international organizations.
  • Non-governmental organizations.
  • International media offices.
  • Legal translation offices.