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Ph.D. in Arabic Language


This program seeks to create a generation of qualified specialists in Arabic language in the State of Palestine. It also seeks to meet the needs of the local community at the professional and academic levels, and it comes in the context of fulfilling the desire of researchers who wish to develop their scientific competencies in order to provide their various institutions with trained and qualified expertise that contributes to disseminating profound knowledge, following the solid scientific approach in developing and teaching Arabic language and in providing National institutions, including educational and media, with professional and academic competencies.



  1. Encouraging scientific research and training students of the Arabic language and literature in research that contributes to strengthening its position, and disseminating Arabic language sciences locally, regionally and internationally.
  2. Developing the capabilities and skills of the program students in the specialization, and providing specialized scientific competent graduates who are skilled in using modern technologies for the sake of conducting scientific research in the fields of Arabic language and literature.
  3. Graduating distinguished scholars, researchers, and critics in language, grammar, morphology, criticism, literature, and rhetoric.
  4. Enriching the Palestinian library with specialized research and studies in Arabic language and literature.
  5. Developing scientific research tools among scholars by training them on the correct methodology in studying multiple scientific issues in language and literature.
  6. Connecting students to contemporary Arabic sciences and the modern interpretations it contains in addition to opening the horizon to renewing linguistic thoughts and literary readings of texts.
  7. Forming new opinions on issues of language and literature far from what is prevalent and common. These opinions are based on a scientific methodology supplemented with scientific evidence.
  8. Reviving the literary and linguistic components of the heritage among scholars and connecting them to the scientific heritage of their nation as well as establishing a missionary role in studying and disseminating the Arab heritage.



  • Enriching the Palestinian library with scientific linguistic and literary research specialized in Arabic language.
  • Graduating specialized scientific competencies to raise the level of university education in Palestine.
  • Meeting the growing desires of graduates of the Arabic Language and Media Department at the Arab American University and other universities to complete their postgraduate studies.
  • Facilitating the effort for those who wish to complete their studies in Arabic language without exorbitant and burdensome fees, travel, and creating job opportunities for specialized academics.
  • Highlighting the cultural and literary personality of the Palestinian person.
  • Activating the process of research and scientific interaction in Palestine, forming a base for cumulative academic construction, and accelerating the cultural participation of Palestinians in global culture.
  • Developing the capabilities of the students enrolled in the Arabic language major from a scientific and research perspective.
  • Guiding graduate students to prepare their research and dissertations to address contemporary issues in Arabic language and literature.
  • Providing the local community with graduates of the postgraduate / doctoral program in Arabic language and literature.


Careers of Graduates

The importance of this program lies in the fact that the Palestinian labor market suffers, to some extent, from a surplus of specialists in the field of the Arabic language, especially females, at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, while the Ph.D level is still required. The need for this program is growing in various educational, academic and media institutions.

In light of the above, the program keeps pace with the market’s need for it.

Graduates of the Ph.D program in Arabic Language can work in many institutions including the following:

  • Working in institutions with mass communication activity, such as: ministries and media institutions.
  • Working in higher education institutions and research centers.