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PhD in Sociology


Sociology focuses on studying the social phenomena from one hand and solving the social problems from the other hand through implying the best programs in the sociopolitical field and the family-related field, the care of the elderly and children, women and youth issues, in addition to the study of society in general.

Sociology aims to conduct social surveys to figure out the causes and conditions of social problems and provide solutions to them, and so the PhD in Sociology comes to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge in social sciences, especially in the field of developmental and social studies and policies.

This program will provide researchers with the critical analysis to the theoretical and applied texts and the academic research through the courses such as: the social statistics and research methods.



This program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them to work at the governmental and non-governmental organizations and skills required for students who are interested in the academic research and society development.

The program was designed to provide its graduates with advanced skills in order to lead students to successful job opportunities in the different fields such as: the commercial businesses, the applied researches, consulting, urban planning, healthcare, data analysis, and business administration.



  1. Enable students to employ the advanced sociology theories in analyzing the social phenomena and social problems.
  2. Prepare students to gain advanced research and applied skills, and enable students to prepare and design social policies and strategic programs and plans.   
  3. Train students to work in national, regional and international related organizations and give advanced preparing and qualifying to prepare leaders in comprehensive development, social work and national security.
  4. Prepare and train qualified human cadres to meet the needs of social, economic and political development, and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among students in various fields of development, social work and criminal justice.


Careers of Graduates

This program will open new opportunities in the different fields and organizations including hospitals, private clinics, social care, law, and media. In addition to working in the ministries such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Women, etc.

  • Security fields in the interior: as graduates can work as a prison consulting and awareness specialist and in the security centers as well.
  • Civil services: among the civil society organizations and the civil organizations such as the charities, etc.
  • Rural and urban development centers: including the environment and awareness centers.
  • Institutions for resolving family conflicts.
  • Institutions for protecting family and women.
  • Post-prison rehabilitation centers for children and adults, especially Israeli prisons.
  • Negotiation centers.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Institutions that focus on international conflict resolution cases.
  • United nations around the world.