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for the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020

Occupational Therapy


  1.  Provide the Palestinian health sector with efficient graduates.
  2.  Improve the services provided to people with disabilities through competent therapy.
  3.  Guide the students’ development of ethical values.
  4.  Improve scientific research in the field of disability by using modern therapeutic methods and modalities.
  5.  Equip OT students with needed skills, knowledge, attitudes and theories that enable them to meet the requirements of the profession locally, regionally and globally.

Physical and occupational therapy department’s graduate works at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, sport clubs and elderly centers. Through their 4 years on university students receive basic medical courses such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgery and neurology as well as theoretical and practical courses in physiotherapy and occupational therapy which gives the student the skills needed to assess the patient and the development of natural treatment plan and apply it.

Program Curriculum