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Finance and Data Science


As modern financial sciences increasingly turn to big data in order to improve financial and investment decisions. There is a growing demand for academicians and professionals with specialization in data science. This major equips you with data analytics skills which are in short supply and can be utilized in artificial intelligence applications and machine learning. Thus, data science is being used for many finance areas such as; customer data management, financial fraud detection, risk analytics, and algorithmic treading.

Big data streams influence financial and statistical modeling daily on ever increasing scale. It’s not just financial data that Impacts investment decisions, even data streams from social networks and search engine analytics can change how an investment matures. Therefore, financial and investment industry needs practitioners who have fundamental understanding of financial markets who can apply statistical modeling in context of the growing and increasingly complex, data available to financial firms.


This program is perfect for those with an interest in big data and data analysis who want to work in specialist roles within the finance, banking and investment sector.  As students study this program, they are able to achieve the following:

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of financial and investment concepts and data sciences that include, but are not limited to: investments and data analytics, big data concepts, portfolios investment analysis, Methods in analysis public budgets, programming languages (e.g Python, R), and financial risk analytics.
  2. Have an understanding of the capital markets and how firms use these domestic and international markets to raise capital. To further understand stock markets and security trading analysis and investment scenario analysis.
  3. Understand portfolio management, asset allocations, risk management, credit risk, and optimal portfolio construction, calculation, and evaluation.
  4. Aware, interpret, and analyze financial data to facilitate decision making in corporate and investment projects in both personal and professional settings through financial reporting analysis.
  5. The ability in estimating, calculating and interpreting the decisions related to investment projects through capital budgeting techniques NPV, IRR, MIRR.
  6. The ability to extract data from its resources and using financial modelling in assets valuation, analyzing optimal portfolios and applying Python language in this field. 
  7. Understand and quantify risk, make sound and decisions in a risky environment, and design plans and strategies for managing business and financial risks.


Careers of Graduates

After Student graduate from Finance and Data Science Program, they will have the skills to meet the modern financial industry’s demand for the use of big data to inform investment decisions. This program opens up a range of exciting career opportunities, including:

  • Mutual Fund management
  • Financial markets and Security dealing
  • Future, options contracts, and derivatives markets
  • Management consultancy and financial reporting
  • Budgeting and spending analysis.
  • Leadership and key decision-makers.
  • Data analysis work within investments, central banks, and accountancy firms
  • Money markets include banks and insurance sectors
  • Financial planning and forecasting.
  • Analyze and interpret the historical financial data of corporate and financial institutions 

A graduate of this program can work on:

  1. Public and private companies
  2. Colleges and universities
  3. Profit and nonprofit organizations
  4. Health care organizations and Hospitals
  5. Government agencies
  6. Banks and insurance companies
  7. Microfinance institutions
  8. Statistics bureaus