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Faculty of Arts


      The Faculty of Arts encouraging and stimulating a kind of interdisciplinary connections in humanities and in social sciences in the age where these disciplines have totally become interdependent on each other in content, visions and in searching for employment opportunities in Palestine and in the world around.

      The Faculty of Arts programs leading to a bachelor's degree in a number of academic disciplines, as well as educational qualification diploma and college. it also ... Read More

Dean Message

Dr. Jamal Hanaisheh

I am pleased to welcome you to the electronic website of the Faculty of Arts at the Arab American University.

The Faculty of Arts is a vital Faculty in its various programs offered to the needs of the labor market. The Faculty of Arts offers multiple programs that grant Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as minors/tracks, that advocate innovations in scientific theory and practice so as to ensure quality of education in all of its programs. The Faculty of Arts has also devoted resources to attract faculty members of various nationalities, especially in the Department of Modern... Read More