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Economics and Islamic Banking


The Economics and Islamic Banking program is one of the important contemporary programs that can be taught in our universities. The importance of preparing this program came after the global financial crisis of 2008 that affected the capitalist system and narrowed the maneuvering areas. From one hand, many businessmen have recognized the importance of the ethical and religious dimensions in the finance industry, and the importance of linking it to the real investment sector from the other hand, and this can only be part of the Islamic financial system. Moreover, the strength of Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions appeared facing the financial and Epidemiological crisis, especially when the Islamic banks were able to face and keep their strength during COIVD-19 epidemic. This program was prepared to be a link between the private and public sectors, especially in the financial institutions in Palestine, to enhance the relationship between theory and practice.


  1. Good scientific and research knowledge and skills in the economics and Islamic banking.
  2. Know the funding formulas and the forms of Islamic investment.
  3. Ability to write and conduct scientific researches in the Islamic economic theory aspect and the Islamic financial means.
  4. Employ the knowledge and skills to put Sharia solutions for the contemporary economic and financial problems, and develop the banking products.
  5. Know the work environment, especially the Islamic banks and insurance companies.
  6. Ability to apply Sahria and financial control tasks and audit on Islamic financial institutions.
  7. Know the Islamic cooperative insurance concept and how it works instead of the traditional insurance system.


Careers of Graduates

  • Graduates can work in the different Islamic banks, as students of this program will gain knowledge in the finance, accounting, management, banking and Sharia fields.
  • Graduates can work within productive projects that help in economics and society development.
  • In the central banks (Palestine Monetary Authority) in the supervision department that supervises Islamic banks.
  • In the Islamic and Takaful insurance companies.
  • In the financial consulting and financial Sharia investment fields (like speculative companies).
  • In the different financial and Sharia audit offices and companies.