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Land and Property Management


The land and real estate sector is one of the vital sectors in Palestine, and there has been a noticeable increase in recent years by investors and businessmen towards buying land and owning real estate as a safe haven from investment risks and exchange rate fluctuations. Investment in this sector includes the land and real estate market, which needs professional management of the sources of financing for this sector, land management and settlement, methods of sorting, conflict resolution and decomposition, property management, and real estate development methods. Therefore, this program offers a specialized scientific certificate in the methods of land and property management, given the urgent need of the Palestinian market for qualified cadres in this field capable of bridging the gap in the labor market and having the ability to contribute to the development and organization of this important economic sector in various fields, including real estate companies, the construction sector, engineering offices, Land Settlement and Registration Department, city planning, local government bodies, survey offices and others. This program also provides specialized competencies with professional skills in the field of buying, selling, developing and investing land and real estate locally and globally. The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences has the ability to attract qualified and specialized faculty members to teach quality courses in this program to help provide the student with experience and skills professionally and ethically in the field of land and property management in Palestine.



  1. The program aims to provide the land and real estate market in Palestine with qualified scientific cadres in the management, sale, purchase, development and pricing of land and real estate in Palestine.
  2. Enabling the graduate student to be able to use the latest scientific and technological methods in leveling and engineering the earth's surface and measuring its area.
  3. Providing the graduate student with knowledge and skills in land management and real estate development in the Palestinian real estate market.
  4. Providing the graduate student with knowledge of the methods of settling, sorting and removing common lands in areas classified as “B” and “C” at the Lands Settlement Department.
  5. Providing the student with skills in how to estimate the costs of settling land and real estate and methods of pricing them in the local Palestinian market.
  6. This program aims to contribute to the development, regulation and management of the land and real estate market in Palestine.
  7. This program aims to raise society's awareness of the importance of developing the resources of the occupied Palestinian territories and protecting them from deterioration and the confiscation of large areas of them by the occupation, and researching the optimal use of those resources.



  • Understand, analyze and use modern methods and techniques in land and property management.
  • Acquire the necessary skills to formulate and implement property and real estate development plans and use relevant practices and tools in real estate and land valuations.
  • Describe processes for cost estimates of materials, labor, site overheads, and start-up costs for residential construction projects.
  • Apply leadership in the decision-making process to deliver high quality in the property valuation process, and improve property valuation methods using modern technological communication skills and ethical behaviors.
  • Understand the basic concepts and vocabulary used in planning and implementing construction project management in business from the beginning of thinking about the project until the completion of its implementation to include all social and economic forces.
  • Develop a mixture of advanced strategies to adapt to today's challenges in the field of real estate and property valuation to regulate the profession of real estate and property in Palestine.


Careers of Graduates

The field of land management, settlement and pricing methods is of great interest to many investors, businessmen, real estate companies, and the Land Settlement Department of the Palestinian National Authority. This program provides sufficient knowledge and effective practical training for all those interested in this field. Therefore, the graduate of this program is expected to be able to work in various fields related to land, buildings and properties. This program provides real job opportunities that include the following:

  1. Land Authority
  2. Real estate investment companies
  3. Engineering and surveying offices
  4. Local government bodies and municipalities
  5. Companies specialized in buying and selling lands