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Advanced Residency in Prosthodontics


Graduating from Advanced Residency in Prosthodontics program leads to obtaining the Palestinian Medical Board (which is an equivalent to the PhD program in Medical Sciences).


AAUP has received the program accreditation by Palestine Medical Council (the highest medical authority in Palestine), after providing specialized academic staff and high-quality dental equipment based on the standards and regulations of Palestine Medical Council.

This program aims at raising career levels by offering a 3-year consistent and programmed training where physicians complete practical cases of patients restoring missing teeth through using fixed and mental prosthodontics, teeth implants, or mending bone tissue that occur either from genetic reasons or as a result from accidents. This program is the first of its kind in Palestinian universities available to meet the needs of dentists who are looking to acquire a higher specialty in Dentistry.

Faculty of Dentistry at AAUP along with its Board of Directors and administration, seeks to meet the requirements and development of the Palestinian Dentists through this program, and improves their work experience through multitude of current and future projects.

Upon completing the program’s requirements, graduates are qualified to take the Palestinian Medical Board exam in the specialty of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and acquire the title of specialist if they pass the exam.



This program generally aims at enabling its trainees to achieve high-level scientific and practical objectives in order to become specialized in the specialty of fixed and removable prosthodontics as follows:

  1. Acquire the principles and basic information about fixed and removable prosthodontics.
  2. Obtain required skills to treat different sorts of prosthodontics and identify treatment priorities.
  3. Obtain laboratory experience in producing different medical components.
  4. Enable trainees to acquire the ability to handle different majors of Dentistry.
  5.  Provide the Trainees’ with clinical and scientific information necessary to improve their abilities in making medical decisions and performing treatments.
  6. Ensure that trainees follow the code of ethical and professional behaviors.    


Achieving goals and objectives::

  1. Self-study of references and periodicals of Dentistry.
  2. Attending scientific and medical activities.
  3. Attending lectures, seminars and scientific courses.
  4. Treating patients under the supervision of specialists.
  5. Attending clinics and assisting in examinations and diagnoses.
  6. Participating in scientific research.
  7. Assisting interns and resident doctors, and learning from them the art of the work.
  8. Attending one or more conferences as part of trainees’ field of study.
  9. Handing in or publishing at least one research paper in a scientific conference or a well-known scientific/ medical magazine.


Residency: 3 years - Full time.


Careers of Graduates:

At the end of the program, residents can obtain a certificate from the Palestine Medical Council and officially work as a specialist in the private sector or in Palestinian universities.