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Bachelor of Dental Technology


Innovations and A significant technological development in the dental technology practices has led to the creation of progressive, and competitive dental technician programs for the provision of qualified dental technicians capable to deal with the advancement in the field dental prosthesis fabrication. 

A severe shortage in the number of dental technicians in addition to unavailability of Bachelor Degree programs in dental technology locally or regionally where students have to migrate abroad in order to attain this degree, led the AAUP to offer a B.Sc. program in dental technology to fill gap in the shortage of dental technologists, as well as equipping its graduate with outstanding knowledge and skills necessary to developing this important profession.

The study plan of this program consists of several theoretical and practical courses with 135 credit hours, distributed through four years in which, students gains invaluable research and analytic skills, which will definitely qualify them to advance the science, equipment, technology, and the service provided to the dental clients in the Palestinian community.



  • Educate outstanding dental technician who provide exceptional dental laboratory service
  • Improve the applied dental sciences through perusing Scientific developments in the dental laboratory field
  • Deliver fully qualified graduates to fulfill the need in the community and the region.
  • Enhance dental technology service through high level of education based in newest technology in field of dental technology
  • Advance the understanding of dental technology through research, scholarship and education.



Graduates of this program are expected to demonstrate recognized knowledge and skills in utilizing new technologies, problem solving skills, and also possess professional, ethical and compassionate behavior, evidence-based practice, and standards care for dental clients.


Careers of Graduates

Dental technology is a global profession throughout the world with a high demand for skilled dental technicians who may seek the following career opportunities:

  1. Dental Technician in private laboratories.
  2. Dental Technician in the laboratories of medical centers own by the government sectors.
  3. Dental Technician in educational laboratories.
  4. Dental Technician in computer aided design\computer aided manufacturing centers.
  5. Dental technician in university laboratories or teach undergraduate dental students some of the technical aspects of dentistry.
  6. Dental technology company representative.
  7. Owner of new dental laboratory business.