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Diploma in Dental Technology


Out of the increasing need to provide national efficient staff in the dentistry field and qualify them to work in hospitals, governmental and non-governmental medical centers and dentistry clinics, Arab American University started this program. The Diploma in Dental Technology will provide students with the needed qualifications to work locally or regionally as professional Dental technologists.

The study plan includes study parts of (69) Credit Hours in two years, divided to be 29 credit hours for the theoretical part and 40 credit hours for the practical part. During these years, students gain general, basic and specialized knowledge and scientific skills that enable them to do their work after graduation. This program is applied by full-time staff who are qualified to work in the faculty.


This program aims to provide students with concepts and basic skills in the dental technology such as:

  1. Use modern technology in the dental technology.
  2. Provide laboratory services to dentists.
  3. Educate and train students to qualify them, and graduate distinguish dental technicians.
  4. Provide the needed skills to use the scientific references and the dental information means, in addition to the ways to communicate and participate with the dental medical team.
  5. Dental technicians must be responsible for the work place and the tools used.



This program teaches students how to prepare and build prosthodontics for patients, including restorations and dentures using special tools and devices.

Study period will include the using of medical materials of teeth, mouth and gums, implant teeth, restorations and prosthodontics, in addition to facial medical issues. And the learning outcomes include the following:

  1. Acquiring a background in the methodology of tooth preparation; the bases, armamentarium used and the main outlines to respect for each type of restoration.
  2. An in depth knowledge of the materials and techniques used in provisional restoration fabrication, in addition to the importance of this phase in the diagnosis, prognosis and end result of the prosthodontic treatment.
  3. An understanding of the each step of the laboratory procedures and technological improvements in the fabrication of fixed restorations.
  4. An in depth understanding of the major principles of tooth preparation form the prerequisites to the development of satisfactory tooth preparation skills.
  5. Ability to practice all clinical and laboratory steps of removable prosthesis construction.
  6. Ability to take history and examine edentulous and partially edentulous patients and formulating treatment plan for them.
  7. To gain knowledge in immediate dentures, copy dentures, single dentures, relining and rebasing technique.
  8. Gain enough knowledge about impression materials and techniques for complete denture.
  9. Gain enough knowledge about complete denture occlusion.
  10. Understand principles of fabricating and designing removable partial denture.
  11. Gain the clinical skills needed for fixed prosthesis fabrication.


Careers of Graduates

This program will gain its graduates the knowledge to fill the needs of the labor market from medical staff and specialists in the dental field, and they can work especially in the following areas:

  1. In medical care centers (governmental and non-governmental).
  2. Private dental laboratories.
  3. To work as a technician in the university laboratories after graduation, and might be qualified to teach in the university.
  4. Graduates will have the ability to manage and start dental laboratories that contribute in upgrading the provided services.
  5. To work as a representative of dental laboratory companies.