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Residency Program in Orthodontics


Residency Program in Orthodontics to get the Palestinian Board Degree (Its equivalent to a PhD in Medical Sciences)

Arab American University got the program accreditation from Palestinian Medical Council (the highest Palestinian Medical Authority). After providing specialized academic staff and advanced dental equipment according to the Palestinian Medical Council regulations and instructions.

The program aims to raise the profession’s level through systematic training for 3 consecutive years. Where the doctor finishes the practical requirements on patients with jaws problems.

It’s the first of its kind in Palestinian Universities and came to fulfill the Palestinian Dentist need to get an advanced specialization in Dentistry Sciences.

Faculty of Dentistry at Arab American University with the support of its administration and Board of Directors, meets the Palestinian Dentist need to develop through these programs and new programs in the near future.

Upon completion of the program requirements, the graduate is automatically gets qualified for the Palestinian Board Exam in orthodontic specialization.


Educational Aims:

  1. To further increase human knowledge.
  2. To support the basis of scientific research at the The Arab American University.
  3. To develop the skills needed to conduct meaningful scientific research.
  4. To train specialists in Orthodontics to the highest standards and help fulfill the needs of the local and regional community.
  5. To focus on addressing issues with an impact on the local and regional (Arab) community.


Course Structure:

It is divided into two components

A. Theoretical teaching. Teaching and learning opportunities are varied and include tutorials, small group seminars, self-directed learning and problem-based learning designed to providestudents with advanced knowledge in orthodontics.

B. Clinical training. Knowledge gained through theoretical teaching will be applied to planning and delivery of orthodontic treatment to patients. Students will manage a wide range cases under clinical supervision and will need to demonstrate competence at managing patients with Orthodontic problems.



  • To enable students to develop the skills needed for the discipline of Orthodontics through course work, tutorials, seminars, practical classes, clinical sessions, research and report writing.
  • To build upon the knowledge and skills obtained during undergraduate education and training.
  • To give students an understanding of the scientific basis of Orthodontics with particular emphasis on current trends in the diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management of patients.
  • To aid in formulation and implementation of a meaningful and original scientifiec research project. 
  • To train students to provide high quality care for patients with malocclusion
  • To equip students with the scientific skills for critically evaluating the scientific literature.


*Note: A Full year course is necessary for this program to allow follow up of treatment of orthodontic patients. Total treatment time is 18 – 24 months and treatment should be reviewed every 4 weeks.