fbpx Digital Economy Program | ARAB AMERICAN UNIVERSITY

Digital Economy


  1. Provide students with knowledge of emerging technologies and business models in the global digital economy.
  2. Develop the students’ understanding of the role of innovation in the digital economy and knowledge of best practices in managing new technologies. 
  3. Provide students with the analytical skills to understand the differences between organizations, business models and consumers in the traditional and digital economies.
  4. Enable students to analyze complex business problems in the digital economy and propose solutions.
  5. Strengthen the students’ understanding of the impact of digital analytics on organizational strategy and success.
  6. Enable students to assess opportunities to increase revenues and improve organizational performance through digital transformation.
  7. Improve the students’ ability to comprehend the legal and ethical obligations and responsibilities of managers in the digital economy.



  • Demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental business and technological principles and practices of the digital economy.
  • Use critical thinking skills to address emerging business challenges in the digital economy and make effective decisions.
  • Analyze new developments in digital banking, online gaming, the Metaverse and other digital technologies and propose strategies to manage innovation.
  • Employ digital analytics to analyze trends in the digital economy and formulate strategies to develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the digital economy.
  • Formulate policies and practices that help promote an organization’s digital transformation.
  • Develop the ability to behave in an ethical and socially responsible manner that is in the best interest of the organization and its customers.
  • Examine the legal and regulatory environment of the digital economy and assume a leadership role in the future of the digital economy that demonstrates an understanding of its technological and societal impact.