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Telecommunications Engineering


  1. Prepare the student to become a unique engineer by offering quality education and trainings, in addition to offering theoretical and practical studies that enhances the student’s ability to provide Engineering solutions.
  2. Deepening the relation between the student and the society, where the student increases his productivity and participation in effective research programs to support the development plans in the country.
  3. To contribute in raising the electrical/ communications engineering profession, and meet with the engineers needs through organizing related seminars and trainings.  


The graduate after successfully completing this program will be able to work in the local and international labor market with his competitive high quality skills and education, as the graduate will be able to provide engineering solutions in his field.

Careers of graduates

Telecommunication companies in the Palestinian territories are lately operating within the 3G services, as a result all existing networks will need to be modernized and building new networks that fit the 3G services, creating new job opportunities as return. This program offers job career opportunities in the followings:  

  1. Landline communication companies
  2. Cellular communication companies
  3. Technical support companies for broadcasting
  4. Ministry of Telecommunication
  5. Networks & Design Companies
  6. ISP companies
  7. Teaching engineering sciences to secondary students and universities