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Computer Networks / Minor Information Security

Information is one of the main components of any computer system and it is very valuable that needs to be protected in any means and ways. This program provides a BA in Computer Network/ minor in Information Security based on a modern study plan. The program’s plan provides chances in the theoretical and practical aspects in designing, building, maintaining and managing computer networks in a way that protects the security and secrecy of information transfer.


  1. Prepare students equipped with special skills to build, maintain and manage computer networks in a way that guarantees information security.
  2. Contribute in supporting computer networks and internet bylaws.
  3. Self-Dependant in dealing with problems according to a scientific perspective.


Graduates of this program will earn many skills that will enable them to work in different fields including: Designing and analyzing information systems, computer networks management, security network designing, developing computer network programs, designing smart phones applications, risks analysis, Designing and managing information security, developing data security algorithms and protect them, in addition to preparing students to be researchers in computer networks and information security fields in case if they wanted to continue their higher education.

Careers of graduates

Graduates of this department can work in one of the following:

  • Computer Network Manager.
  • Safe Computer Networks Designer.
  • Database and Computer Systems Programmer.
  • Data Security Systems Manager.
  • Computer Systems Designer and Analyst.
  • Smart Phones Application Designer.
  • Algorithms Data Security Developer.