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Computer Science

The department provides the bachelor degree in Computer Science and aims to prepare students to the labor market as they study 134 credit hours over 4 years. It aims to develop and improve the communications with the social, economic and educational local community institutions, as students work on distinguish projects that benefit the local community. Many students of this department won awards in many contests.


  1. To reduce the gap between the academic and private sectors, as this is very important for understanding the local and international labor market needs. This can be done through collaboration with companies and institutions in the local Palestinian market.
  2. To develop students’ personalities and teach them the required and needed skills in the information field.
  3. Encourage imitative and competition between students by encouraging them to participate in local and international contests in programming.


The faculty members of this department are always working on the study plan for this program to keep it up to date in order to bear the modern technical needs. The department also cares keep its faculty members qualified by encouraging them and supporting them to get higher education and provide their needs to continue working on scientific researches, attending workshops and participating in different activities. Furthermore, graduates of this department are qualified to develop systems especially for the governmental and private companies and institutions. Students are also trained on the recent technologies, devices, programs and systems, as the department coordinate for their training with some of the biggest information companies in Palestine and outside. Our graduates have proved their capabilities on competing for the best positions and on getting the best educational attainment in masters and PhDs in the European and American colleges and universities.

Careers of graduates

Our graduates can work in many jobs including:

  • Programs Developer.
  • Databases Master.
  • Programmer.
  • Manager in Computer and Information Systems.
  • Computers Maintenance.
  • Systems Analyst.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Web Pages Developer.
  • Computer Networks Engineer.
  • Computer Information Science Researcher.
  • Technical Support Specialist.
  • Programming Engineer.
  • Computer Systems Engineer.
  • Commercial Analyst.
  • Systems Master.
  • Projects Master.
  • Special Effect, Pictures and Motion Effects Developer.
  • Multimedia Technical Developer.
  • Games Designer and Programmer.
  • Software Applications trainer.
  • Teaching.

Program Curriculum