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Computer Science / Minor Information Technology

This program provides its students a solid base in information technologies and information systems based on computer system and internet, and connected to the needs of the industry, commercial education and all life aspects. Graduates of this program can work in all fields related to computer programming, data processing and database management, analyzing and building computer systems and developing internet websites. What makes this department distinguish is that it focuses on training students to be equipped with practical skills needed in the labor market, and students are taught to be prepared to the postgraduate studies through a solid base in mathematics, logic, computerized theories and program design and others. Moreover, the curriculum was planned to improve students’ capabilities in solving problems by using the technology standards and modern computers.


  1. To enable students to get many informative skills in the different systems, this helps in providing employment chances for students.
  2. To focus on the practical side alongside on the theoretical side aiming to equip students with the needed skills in the labor market.
  3. To enable students to complete their postgraduate studies in many specializations.


The skills that students are trained on and mastered are joint skills with many other skills and jobs in the labor market. The small and middle sized companies along with the large companies are tending to employ the graduates of this program because they are skilled with many different skills like maintaining and updating personal computers, fixing computers networks, programs developers, program designers and website pages developer. This will keep the labor market asking to be provided with graduates from this specialization.

Careers of graduates

Graduates of the program can work in the following jobs among other jobs as well:

  • System Programmer.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Computer Engineer.
  • System Analyst.
  • Computer Information System Specialist.
  • LAN/WAN Administrator.
  • Computer Operator Manager.
  • Computer Operator Manager.
  • Data Processor Specialist.
  • Web Master.
  • Web Site Developer & Administrator.
  • Information Service Analyst.
  • Internet & Rout Engineer.