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Multimedia Technology

The Multimedia Technology program is one of the main programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. It provides students with the required academic experience in the multimedia technology field supported by the practical experience that students need to meet the future labor market needs. Through the courses, faculty members try to focus on teaching students the technical and practical aspects


  1. Enable students to get many skills in the multimedia technology to work in any related job.
  2. Prepare distinguish students who participate in activities that enable them to show their achievements through the courses.
  3. Discover students’ creativity through the cultural contests in the science design fields that are organized by other institutions.


In this program, students learn how to make and edit a digital photo and edit videos and sounds, among other skills in the multimedia programming. Students can participate in leadership contests to improve their capabilities in the continuous professional development. Also students learn how to use techniques, skills and tools for the computer applications and how to use new concepts in the information techniques.

Careers of graduates

All graduates from this department can work in the following fields:

  • Educational material production companies.
  • International and local broadcasting companies.
  • In the Printing press places.
  • Electronic website production companies.
  • Entertainment and educational toys production.
  • Marketing companies.
  • Multimedia resources development.
  • A teacher for teaching information technology.
  • Movies maker companies.
  • Graphic design companies (two and three dimensions)