Faculty of Law


      The Faculty is awarding a bachelor degree in law, in the framework of an excellent program, and is compatible with the highest standards of scientific criteria for programs of law and jurisprudence between Arab countries' faculties of law. The college also gives a master degree in a specialized program of commercial law. These programs are subject to the universal periodic evaluation by the college. The Faculty of Law is interested in scientific research,... Read More

Dean Message

Dr. Bshar Draghmah

      The Faculty of Law at the Arab American University, Which got the adoption by in the year 2002 for the AAU, is considered one Of the most important and the first established of university faculties, since it was accredited early. The college includes three departments; the Department of Private Law, The Department of Public Law and the Department of Fiqh and the law, these programs grant bachelor degree in law, or in Fiqh and the law, and provide college students an opportunity to complete graduate studies throughout a program of Masters in commercial law, which was launched in the... Read More