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Doctor of Medicine


  1. Promote health, and well-being of the individuals and families through provision of high quality and advanced medical practice.
  2. Provide outstanding learning opportunities that enable medical students to use fundamental knowledge and critical thinking, and clinical reasoning skills in the patient care.
  3. Equip graduates with exceptional training skills in all areas of health diseases and disorders necessary for the provision of advanced medical care.
  4. Prepare graduates with mastery in disease prevention, diagnosis, and management of common medical problems including pharmacological interventions.
  5. Promote compassionate, and ethical approach in the delivery of health care to the community.
  6. Prepare graduate with effective communication skills, teamwork capacity, leadership skills, and medical research skills in the delivery of medical care.



  • Integrate basic sciences, clinical sciences, and population health to build critical thinking skills in the medical care of individuals and families.
  • Relate the impact of nutrition, epidemiology, genetic, biochemical, physiological, neurological, immunological, and microbiological, cognitive, and psychosociological processes on development and management of diseases.
  • Incorporate the scientific foundations of medicine with clinical reasoning skills in the prevention, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders.
  • Propose a suitable management plan, including the selection of laboratory and radiologic tests, interpretation of their results, and implementation of interventions, to diagnose and treat clinical conditions.
  • Perform the common medical and surgical techniques of clinical conditions including the pharmaceutical interventions in the provision of suitable treatment plans.
  • Exhibit effective performance in scientific research, organization, interpretation and clinical decision making process in patients’ care.
  • Employ principles of cost-effective medicine, health informatics to the analysis of the organization, financing, and delivery of health care.
  • Develop collaborative relationships, teamwork, and leadership capacity with other health practitioners for the delivery of optimal care for patients.
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards, professional, high integrity, and compassionate care in all aspects of medical practice including respect of others and social responsibility.


Careers of Graduates

Preparing doctors who are able to communicate, providing all medical services to the community in an effective, distinguished and ethical manner, and they occupy many positions in hospitals and health centers

Program Curriculum