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Digital Media


The Digital Media program that Arab American University prepared is based on a new curriculum in a renewable technological media field. This program will work on changing the used area for training, as this program focuses on making the teaching style to be based on field work, and on providing an educational environment enhanced with specialized laboratories dedicated to experimenting, presenting media content, and communicating with a team of specialized academics and experts.

This program focuses on aspects which provide students with skills that enable them to work independently and be capable of preparing media content. Students will be encouraged to produce and create pioneering entrepreneurial ventures on their own, especially in this world that is no longer exclusive for large enterprises. AAUP seeks to graduate "pioneering media" graduates who will be innovative in the technology, culture, media and art fields.

The program provides 4 educational aspects that enable students to be closer to the labor market in the field they prefer and find themselves in, as they can choose between the modern media techniques, the digital press, the digital photography and the digital media and TV.


This program seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. To graduate digital journalists who have good knowledge, skills and experience to be engaged easily in the modern and technologically developed work environments.
  2. Provide a Palestinian press staff with specific specialists of 4 concentrations that fill the need of the private and official, regional and international media institutions.
  3. Address the unemployment problem in the Palestinian community, especially unemployment in the traditional media field. As the problem is not in the shortage of work opportunities, but it is in the variety of work opportunities and its change under the new and untraditional work environments.
  4. Enhance the skills and abilities of graduates/ journalists, to be a pioneer who is able to start his own media project in this media environment that is built on the entrepreneurial projects.
  5. Enrich the Palestinian media sector with journalists who have a vision and the ability to provide new content that is suitable for market changes and needs, and provide forms of work for all fields and disciplines.
  6. Improve leadership and pioneering skills, and be open to the new entrepreneurial projects to start untraditional forms of press work and contemporary public relations practices.



This program will adopt a new teaching philosophy of theoretical and practical courses that are taught in a model teaching environment that focuses on students who are the center of this process. Students (journalists) will be provided with work and creativity values and will choose the concentration they prefer that suits their personalities and skills best, and we can summaries some of the learning outcomes as the following:

  • Students will be able to get a job in any of the local, Arab and international media institutions in any field.
  • Students will be professional journalists in the different aspects of media and will focus on their interests of either: Press techniques, new press writing, digital photography, or media and TV.
  • Students will be able to practice press writing in any of the media means: Radio, TV, Website, Social Media content or paper magazines and newspapers.
  • Students will be able produce press material and content in the different multimedia means.
  • Will be able to use the modern techniques in producing a distinguish media content.
  • Ability to deal with political, social and cultural issues in press or media or TV.
  • Students will be open to the modern technology and will have the basic principles to deal with any recent technology in the media field. 
  • Students will be able to start their own independent pioneer projects and will be able to start their own projects with an understanding of how to get fund and support.
  • Students will have research skills in the media field and they will be aware of the Palestinian cause and the Arab media in general.
  • Students will be able to express themselves and they will be aware of the challenges that face the media professional.
  • Students will be journalists with a published archive of digital press materials that will form as a practical CV, and will reflect his own ID, spirit and passion for the media work.
  • Graduates will be critiques and aware journalists who are committed to the ethics of the profession and the general laws, and who believe and defend the general freedoms and believe in the issues of the citizens and the community. 


Careers of Graduates

This program will graduate students who are capable of working in one of the following fields:

  1. Graduates of the Digital Media program will be creative and can start their own pioneer projects as they will have the needed tools for it. They can also work with other colleagues to launch new forum to start publishing digital content according to the market needs, as this program will prepare students to launch their creative entrepreneur projects.
  2. Graduates can start their own researches in the digital media field or they can work in research centers of the universities or the international institutions or the civil society institutions.
  3. Graduates can work in producing and publishing content in social media for companies and institutions that need to promote their services and products, and so graduates can have a great role in developing the digital content.
  4. Graduates can work in local and international institutions in the professional digital photography, montage and publishing.
  5. Graduates can work in producing multimedia material for media institutions (TV, radio, press websites and social media pages).
  6. Graduates can work at any traditional media institution like: newspapers, radios and TV’s.
  7. Graduate can work as a reporter, or editor, or video editor, or websites designer and digital content developer.
  8. Graduate can work as graphic designer or animation painter or digital content writer in advertising companies.
  9. Graduates can work in service institutions in cities and towns, and in the Palestinian cities like: municipalities, the different societies, the civil society institutions, especially in the communication area with the community, the public relations and the press work.
  10. Graduates can work in the producing companies, especially in the companies that work in producing drama, commercials and the different documentary works. 

Program Curriculum