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Public Relations


The Public Relations program is one of the programs of the new Faculty of Science. It provides academic experience to students in the field of the public relations from a renewable technological vision. Arab American University has provided an educational environment enhanced with specialized laboratories to provide the specific content for this program.

This program focuses on the aspects that provide students with the needed skills to be able to work independently, and build a professional content, especially in light of the increasing number of unemployment between new graduates. Graduates also will be able to start building their own pioneer projects in a world that is no longer the exclusive to large institutions. Graduates of this program will be “Public Relations Experts and Advisors” and innovators in applying technology and employing it to achieve the institution goals.


  1. To graduate experts in the contemporary public relations who have good knowledge, skills and experience to be engaged easily in the modern and technologically developed work environments.
  2. Provide experts in the public relations in specific specialties of 4 concentrations that fill the need of the public relations departments in the official and private institutions and the different companies.
  3. Address the unemployment problem in the Palestinian community, especially unemployment in the public relations field. As the problem is not in the shortage of work opportunities, but in the variety of work opportunities and its change under the new and untraditional work environments.
  4. Enhance the skills and abilities of public relations graduates, to be pioneers who are able to start their own project, and prepare them to be advisors in the field or prepare them to start their own advising team.
  5. Enrich the Palestinian companies and institutions with public relations experts who have a vision and the ability to provide new content, and provide forms of work for all fields and disciplines.
  6. Improve leadership and pioneering skills, and be open to the new entrepreneurial projects to start untraditional forms of contemporary public relations practices.
  7. Develop students abilities to do critical thinking and problem solving skills, and enable students to make decisions concerning public relations and build strategic plans for campaigns
  8. Empower students with leadership skills and the ability to make decisions related to public relations in the times of crises, and during conflict period of the institutions.  



  • Graduates will have the supporting skills to support their institutions among their competitors in public relations management.
  • Graduates will be able to build and manage the institution’s reputation and to work on improving it.
  • Graduates will have the charisma, the linguistics ability and the ability to speak on behalf of the institution, or can train someone to do so.
  • Graduates will be able to get the institution out of the crises it faces to the safe side and to be stable again.
  • Graduates will have the required research skills to help the management take supportive decisions.
  • Graduates will be able to plan for activities, events and conferences for the institution.
  • Graduates will be able to build, apply and plan for social responsibility activities that the institution provides for the local community.
  • Graduates will have the skills and the abilities to keep the outside and inside customers.
  • Graduates will be able to build and promote for the institution’s content on social media.
  • Graduates will have the creative abilities and knowledge to manage the promotion campaigns for the institution.
  • Graduates will have the strategic planning abilities to achieve the long and short term goals of the institution.
  • Graduates will be able to build a sustainable visual identity for the institution.   


Careers of Graduates

  1.  Graduates of the Public Relations program will be creative and can start their own pioneer projects as they will have the needed tools for it. They can also work with other colleagues to launch new forum to start publishing digital content according to the market needs, as this program will prepare students to launch their creative entrepreneur projects.
  2. Graduates can work in the public relations departments in the different institutions and companies, small and large companies, in addition to the governmental institutions, along with working in the research field to understand the public opinion.
  3. Graduates can start their own researches in the public relations field or they can work in research centers of the universities or the international institutions or the civil society institutions.
  4. Graduates can work in producing and publishing content in social media for companies and institutions that need to promote their services and products, and so graduates can have a great role in developing the digital content.
  5. Graduates can work in writing the digital content for advertising companies according to the institution’s identity and vision.
  6. Graduates can work in services institutions in cities and towns. In the Palestinian cities they can work in places like: municipalities, the different societies, the civil society institutions, especially in the communication area with the community and in the public relations field.
  7. Graduates can graduate in their work positions until they reach to be a director of the public relations department in a short time, especially as this program focuses on public relations management and it prepares students with management skills in this field.

Program Curriculum