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Technology Management and Pioneering


  1. Strengthen the students’ knowledge of both traditional management and innovation management practices.
  2. Provide students with knowledge of emerging innovations in technology and an understanding of the challenges of bringing new technology to market.
  3. Enable the students to analyze new technologies and make effective management decisions to assist the growth of technology.
  4. Improve the student’s ability to use critical thinking and problem solving in managing innovation.
  5. Provide the students with the skills needed to assume a leadership role in the advancement of technology.
  6. Instill within the students an appreciation of the legal, ethical and societal impact of new technologies.



  • Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental business and technology management principles and practices.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in technology.
  • Develop management practices that promote innovation in an organization.
  • Examine, evaluate and manage new developments in technology and make effective decisions when managing innovation.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop solutions to management challenges faced by technology organizations.
  • Develop leadership and management practices that enable technology organizations to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Exhibit high standards of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of the ethical implications and societal impact of technology and innovation.