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Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a multi-aspects specialization that aims to study and analyze the interior environment, while taking into consideration the tangible and intangible elements to achieve the goals of the interior design. It focuses on implementing creative, functional and attractive solutions inside architecture to reach an interior environment that meets the needs and goal of users and improve their lives.

In the Interior Architecture program, our teaching depends on practical project design implementing for the architecture and interior design concepts. Students learn how to order elements that create good designed interior spaces, and learn about shapes, areas, structures, materials, fabrics, furniture, colors and lightings. Designing process follows an organized approach of (researching, analyzing and knowledge blending) in a creative way in order to build interior spaces that achieve the project goals and customers’ needs.

Interior Architecture is a mix between Interior Design and Architecture Engineering, this is the first Program of its kind in Palestine and the second in the region.

The Program is offered as a Collaboration with The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona - Italy.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona is a post-secondary school for studies in the visual arts, founded in 1764. The “Accademia di Belle Arti” is one of the oldest Art Academies in the world and it is listed as one of the Top five” Accademie Storiche d'Italia”.

The Program was designed by The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and it meets the International Standards and the Italian Standards. Many of the courses will be taught by the faculty of The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona- Italy.


  1. To preserve and restore old buildings   
  2. To build code and safety for different buildings
  3. To build physical and virtual (computer-based) models
  4. To Draw plans of your one’s designs
  5. Architectural and design styles and history


About the Faculty’s Graduates:

Graduates will be highly qualified in architectural designing and interior designing skills, such as decorations and lightening, depending on scientific engineering foundations that they will learn in their practical and theoretical courses. A special focus will be put on the practical learning as it will enable students to deal with problems that will face them in the architectural and interior designs, or in the site. And since the drawing and architecture computer programs are developing continuously, the program will focus on qualifying students to perfects the different architecture drawing programs, either the two or three dimensional drawings. Other programs students learn to use are such: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch up, Rhino 6, CAD and other programs that make the architecture designs attractive.


Careers of graduates:

Interior Architects have a variety of career options open to them. Students who complete their BA degree can steer their careers in different directions, including:

  1. Graduates can work in all housing and commercial sector fields, as they can design restaurants, offices and market stores and others.
  2. They can fully renew buildings or hotels or even houses.
  3. They work on the interior architecture of kitchens and furniture, as they can work in furniture stores to design furniture or kitchens.
  4. They can work on studios, offices and mega stores as they can discuss customers of what is the best design for their needs.
  5. Designing buildings, hospitals and medical units with the requested standards and specifications for each building.
  6. They can work on private projects and design commercial fairs, engineering offices and companies.
  7. They can also work in teaching in arts and engineering institutes or in universities.
  8. Freelance work, as they can work by their own on their computers using the modern technology, from their homes.


The Interior Architecture BA student will have the opportunity to travel to the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona – Italy for their Internship.