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  1. Deliver compassionate, patient and family centered care across the life span and education that reflects an understanding of human growth, development, nutrition, genomics, spirituality, and culture in all health care settings.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate and individualized application of the nursing process in all bachelor nurse roles.
  3. Utilize clinical reasoning as the basis for making judgments for professional nursing practice
  4. Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration with all members of the health care team, patient and family to provide exceptional and safe patient care
  5. Apply knowledge and skills in information management and technology, health care policy in the delivery of quality patient care.
  6. Utilize clinical prevention and health promotion at the individual and population level to improve health outcomes.
  7. Demonstrate accountability for legal scope of practice, professional standards, and code of ethics to engage as a lifelong learner with the goal of advancing the profession of nursing.
  8. Provide educational and training opportunities for students that address the real needs of nursing students, in order to improve their academic retention and success.
  9. Provide a high quality academic and practical training environment.
  10. Create a research agenda and climate that encourages research among staff and students.
  11. Prepare and train graduates to meet the needs and demands of the Palestinian society as health leaders, researchers, caregivers, teachers/educators, advocators, and counselors.
  12. Have productive and mutually beneficial relationships between The Nursing Department and the community, higher education organizations, businesses, local schools, and regional colleges and universities.


Careers of graduates: 
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Center
  • Nursing Homes
  • School Health
  • Emergency Centers
  • Nursing Instructor

Program Curriculum