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Upon the completion of the pharmacy program, the graduate should be able to :

  1. Become a professional pharmacist capable of leading a team work with the aid of applying ethical issues and proper communication skills with individuals and communities.
  2. Understand and apply knowledge from the basic sciences of pharmacy to evaluate and explain drug actions, solve therapeutic problems and focus patient centered care.
  3. Manage healthcare needs using human, financial, technology and physical resources to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication use systems.
  4. Analyze and appreciate the association between pharmacy sciences and different aspects of human sciences.
  5. Design prevention, intervention of educational strategies for individuals and communities to manage different aspects of health and wellness.
  6. Create methodologies and plans to cope up with the continuous change of technology and scientific research.


Graduate careers :

  • Pharmaceutical health care.
  • Clinical pharmaceutical care.
  • Health and pharmaceutical institutions - community or hospital.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical marketing and advertising.
  • Pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Drug information centers and poisons.
  • Modern Pharmacy Administration.
  • Faculties of Pharmacy Laboratories.
  • Medical cosmetics.

Program Curriculum