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Sport Sciences


The learning outcomes for the BSc in Sports Science state that degree holders can apply their knowledge and skills in practical ways in sport science, as follows:

  • Work in an independent and organized manner, set goals, plan and implement solutions to diverse problems.
  • Apply the methods and procedures of sports science to answer diverse questions.
  • Competence to teach and coach the fundamentals in the main sporting events.
  • Competence to perform first-aid and life-saving in various situations.
  • Possess the competence to undertake advanced studies.
  • Participate actively and cooperatively in group tasks, and assume a leadership role.
  • Be able to conduct original research, from initial conception of the research idea to the presentation of research findings, and the preparing of research reports.
  • Interpret and present theoretical issues and empirical findings.
  • Be receptive to new ideas and innovation in coaching and teaching.
  • Provide sound justifications for conclusions and recognize when further evidence is needed.
  • Conduct independent research in a wide range of fields of sports science.
  • Evaluate critically information and claims proffered about coaching in its various forms.

Program Curriculum