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Visiting Student to Arab American University From Other Universities (Free Study)

It’s possible to apply for students visit from other universities, institutes or colleges during the official admission period. First, visit our website and check the existing programs. The academic programs are available at each department page. Visiting students should review the presented courses and communicate with the head of the intended department to make sure the courses will be available on the department agenda for that semester.
The student might need a consultation on how to authenticate and equate the courses upon returning to his current university where he is studying. Once you made your decision all you have to do is to check the university admission page and know the requirement and conditions below.


1.    A regular student at another university and wants to study a specific number of courses at the Arab American University.

2.    A student who is not registered or irregular at another university and wants to study a specific number of courses at the Arab American University.



1.    Student must hold a secondary school certificate (Tawjihi) or its equivalent, such as Bagrut, GCE, SAT or IB with average not less than the required minimum for study in Palestinian universities according to acceptance regulations, if submitted to study bachelor level courses.

2.    He/she must hold a bachelor degree or its equivalent with a grade above good if submitted to study Master courses.

3.   He/she must hold a master degree or equivalent with a grade of over very good if submitted to the study PhD courses.

4.    The visiting student subject to apply the University regulations and instructions of attendance, examinations, marks and disciplinary provisions.

5.   Must be medically fit with good reputation and behavior conduct and pass an interview with the head of the responsible department for the visiting students at university.



   - Fill the University online admission application form as a visiting student.

   - Written letter from the visiting student university, stating its approval for him/her to study specific courses in the university if the student is a regular one in another university.

   - Certified secondary school transcript/ or equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, or the transcript of a bachelor or master degree or equivalent.

   - Copy of personal ID (local applicants) or passport (international applicants).

   - Original birth certificate or a certified copy.

   - A recent personal photo (2).

* Note: It’s a must to submit original or certified copies of the mentioned documents.


1.    Fees shall equal the regular students’ fees. For other fees (insurance, registration, internet, etc.) the student will pay them in full if he intends to take (9) or more credit hours or half of them if he intends to study less than (9) credit hours.

2.   The basic medical sciences courses will be financially treated as the student in the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences. Specialized courses such as Dental or Faculty of Nursing courses will be financially treated as a student in the Specialization Faculty.

3.    Visiting student registration fees shall be paid like regular students at the university in terms of obtaining a visiting student card, having health insurance and a special account at the university online academic portal.

4.    The visiting student shall benefit from all university services and facilities and grant a special university identity for this purpose.

5.   Visiting student can join the university at the beginning of any of its three semesters (Fall, Spring & Summer).

6.    A student who fulfills the admission conditions at the end of each semester will receive official transcript showing the courses he has studied, credit hours and their assessment once the full fees are paid for all courses.

7.    The student who study more than one semester will receive a transcript of the courses he studied, its credit hours number and assessments once the full fees are paid.