" Strings of Silk " Film

Nov/03 11:30
Hall no.: 017 – Faculty of Arts – Main Campus - Jenin
Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 11:30
Hall no.: 017 – Faculty of Arts – Main Campus - Jenin

The film documents the popular stories about Palestinian embroidered with silky strings to become the Palestinian Embroidery costume, for Palestinian women to express their lives and traditions before Al-Nakba.

These Costumes document the Palestinian cultural and heritage, including mountainous and coastal cities and the Bedouin environment, as well as the nature of cypress trees and (grape leaves), geographical diversity, river, mountain and hill. . and also used in their weddings and holidays.

During the film, we will learn about the story of two Bedouin women in Gaza who started to embroider from their earliest lives, even after they have moved to another place they kept their memories.

discussion moderator: Mr. Sudqi Musa 

you are welcomed to attend