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AAUP Hosts the Graduation Ceremony for Tamayouz Program, with the Participation of 143 Students from four Universities

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Under the auspices of Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, and under the organizing of Sharek Youth Forum, AAUP hosted the graduation ceremony for the students who participated in the 5th Tamayouz program. 143 students from four universities graduated from this program, the participated universities are (Arab American University, An Najah National University, Palestine Technical University – Khadoori and Al Quds Open University).

Ms. Alaa Abu Thaher presented the ceremony and welcomed the great audience of representatives of the partner institutions and the families of the students. Dr. Nizam Diab- the VP for Training Affairs opened the ceremony by welcoming the guests on behalf of the President, as he welcomed Tamayouz representatives, the representatives of the universities, the students and the graduates of this program. Dr. Diab asserted that the university always seeks to develop the skills of the students and enrich their experiences, indicating that this program was a very important program that has a positive reflect on students and will help them enter the labor market equipped with practical experiences and knowledge.

Dr. Diab also explained that the university is ready to achieve the purposes of this program and directed his speech to the graduates at the end of his speech saying: “Tamayouz program can be considered as a gate to real life, you still have a lot to learn and you need to develop yourselves because the business world is developing fast to reach its goals.”

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh – the Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs expressed his happiness to host the ceremony, and congratulated the students for graduating from this program where they had to attend for more than 200 training hours. Participants had many experiences, tens of initiatives and participated in variety of training courses. Dr. Daraghmah indicated that more than half students who participated in this group work in the labor market as soon as they graduate. This comes as a result of what they had gained of experiences and skills from this program that reflects positively on their personalities.

Mr. Bader Zamaaneh- the Executive Manager at Sharek Youth Forum expressed his happiness to stand in front of the fifth batch of this program. He indicated that this ceremony is a crowning to their efforts during the whole working year in this program. He also explained that this program focused on preparing students for the labor market in both the private and governmental sectors.

Mr. Zamaaneh added that all the experiments that students worked on through the activities of the program have added to them the value of commitment, like the camping, tracks in the environment, youth village activities, meeting national influencing people and developing a network with students of other universities.

At the coordinators speech, Mr. Hussam Helmi from Palestine Technical University presented the experience of the coordinators in this excited journey and the challenges they faced, and how they make the difficulties easy for participants to provide a distinguished program under limited capabilities.

The graduates’ speech was by Student Sarah Abdawi from the Faculty of Dentistry in AAUP.  She talked about her experience in the program describing it to be an outstanding experience because she learned a lot of skills and the ability to live in different environments. Such environments like scout environment and skills related to how to work within a team and serve the community. Sarah said that this program was an integrated program that provided her and her colleagues with skills and knowledge they need.

An interactive session managed by Mr. Saeed Abu Mo’alla, Professor at the Arabic Language and Media Department started before honoring students and handing them their certificates. The session contained representatives of the different participated universities and focused on the benefits of the program and how it affected the participants’ personalities for the future.

At the end of the ceremony, the University choir played music, and then started the honoring of the distinguish students in the fifth season of this program.