Alumni Affairs Hosts Yasser Abu Bakr to Talk About His Experience in the Labor Market

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Department of Alumni Affairs with Deanship of Student Affairs hosted Yasser Abu baker to talk about his experience in entering the labor market, when establishing an accounting and auditing office after a short period of his graduation from Arab American University

The head of Alumni Department Mr. Bilal Al Ashqar, welcomed the graduate Abu Bakr, stressing that his experience is a special experience.  Where he began to build his own work and employ graduates instead of looking for a job in other companies. Mr. Bilal Al Ashqar added that every while a relevant interview is made in order to encourage the university students.

Yasser Abu Bakr first thanked the university for this hosting, and reviewed his experience in entering the labor market through establishing his office "Abu Yaa’ish” for accounting and auditing.

Abu Bakr also mentioned how he established his office, where the idea came to him while he was a student at the university and began work on achieving his goal through focusing on audit materials and volunteer work at other audit offices and building the required skills and experience.

Abu Bakr said that he started to work on establishing his office after one year of graduation with a staff of five employees to provide accounting services that meet the needs of companies and individuals in the labor market.

He concluded his speech by encouraging the audience and to have passion and not to give up easily, stressing the importance for a graduate to sets a specific goal in his mind and work on achieving it by continuing work.